Books published by Faculty

Books published by Faculty
S. No Name of the Author Title of the book Publisher Year of Publication
1. Dr. A. Ananda Kumar Fundamentals of digital circuits PHI 2001
2. Dr. A. Ananda Kumar Pulse and digital circuits PHI 2004
3. Dr. A. Ananda Kumar Control Systems PHI 2007
4. Dr. A. Ananda Kumar Switching theory and Logic design PHI 2009
5. Dr. A. Ananda Kumar Signals and Systems PHI 2011
6. Dr. A. Ananda Kumar Digital Signal Processing PHI 2012
7. Dr.R. Chakravarthy Pharmacogenomics- an Introduction ICFAI University press 2006
8. Dr. S. Vijaya Saradhi Biotechnology First year Telugu Academy 2010
9. Dr. S. Vijaya Saradhi Biotechnology First year Telugu Academy 2011
10. Dr. B.J.K.Singh Biotechnology third year Telugu Academy 2011
11. Dr. A.Prasada Rao C-3, C-4 Intermediates in photosynthesis Lap lambert publishers 2012
12. Mr. K. Sreenivasulu Chemo preventive studies of lentinan and resveratrol: Molecular mechanisms of dietary chemo preventive agents Lambert publications 2012
13. Dr. G. Venkatappa Rao Geosynthetics - An Introduction SAGES, Hyderabad 2011
14. Dr.K.Raghava Rao Core JAVA Hand Book Self 2011
15. Dr S Satyanarayana Internet Protocol Networks LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2012
16. Mr V Sreenivas Effective Implementation of Software Process Models and Best Practices LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2012
17. Ch. V. Phani Krishna A Panoramic Study on Extreme Research LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2012
18. Dr Habibulla khan Digital logic design Scitech 2008
19. Dr K.Sarat kumar HAM radio during disaster PBP 2006
20. Dr K.Sarat kumar In search of research PBP 2011
21. Mr. Musthak Ahmad Busbar Protection using Wavelets Lambert Academic Publishing 2011
22. Mr. J. Somlal & Dr. M. Venu Gopala Rao Compensation of Voltage Saga & swells by using Custom Power Devices Lambert Academic Publishing 2011
23. Mr. P. Hari Krishna Prasad Design of Efficient Low Voltage High Current DC-DC Power Supplies Lambert Academic Publishing 2012
24. Mr. K.K.C.Deekshit &Dr. M. Venu Gopala Rao ZVT Based Resonant Converters Lambert Academic Publishing 2012
25. Dr. K. Ramakrishna Engineering Thermodynamics Anuradha Agencies & Publications, Chennai 2009
26. Dr. K. Ramakrishna Heat Transfer New age International Pvt. Ltd 2009
27. Dr. V. Vasanta Kumar Cost Analysis of Mx / EJ1 and two phase Queuing Systems with N-Policy Lambert Academic Publisher 2010