Innovation requires nothing short of a paradigm shift in the established ways of thinking about university education. It calls for Redefinition of knowledge and its purpose, Reorganization of branches of knowledge, Rethinking the existing practices of teaching-learning and research and Recognition of the limits of what we know Three main pillars can be distinguished when considering the establishment of an innovation Culture in universities:

  • The first pillar dealing with skills, education and training for innovation
  • The second one focusing on innovation in research and knowledge transfer
  • The third one providing an innovation supporting infrastructural environment

                                            Startups from K L University

    One Year Diploma Course
    One Year Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management(DEBM)


    To foster innovation driven entrepreneurship through incubation, in alignment with K L University vision to become global university.

    KLU being a pioneering institute supporting Academics and Research in Engineering, Science and Technology is endowed with all the infrastructure and highly experienced faculty, has every chance to gain advantages of starting a Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Centre ( IIE)

    IIE comprises of:

  • Innovation centre which aims to inculcate a spirit of innovation.
  • Incubation centre which aims to incubate the innovations through prototype product development.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) which aims at fostering entrepreneurial skills among the students.

    What do we do?

    Provide a platform for generation of ideas and implementation of ideas under the mentorship of panel of experts in the incubation centre, providing assistance for commercialization of successfully developed prototypes.

    KLU has many islands of excellence but needs well developed and organized Innovation Ecosystem. The Innovation Ecosystem is a complex phenomenon and contains dozens of players like research Labs, Industrial R&D Labs, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Culture, Venture Capital Funding Organizations, and many more. To nurture the Innovation requires Innovation Ecosystem, Innovation Culture and Policies. The development of the Innovation Culture is a specialized job it requires lot of efforts and depends on many parameters. The role of the university should be towards the development of innovative employable workforce for the industry, a knowledge hub which provides international talent, center for technology transfer, platform for international collaborations with academia, industry, research labs, societies etc. All these factors are important Drivers for Innovation. The Innovation happens mostly in Industry.

    University’s role in supporting Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship

  • Providing required infrastructural facilities
  • Promoting cross-disciplinary research
  • To incorporate a technology commercialization role in addition to the traditional roles of teaching & research
  • Incorporation of technology commercialization role as an integral part of the university’s mission without sacrificing the push for excellence in basic science & engineering
  • Balancing basic research & shorter-term applied research
  • R&D collaboration with industry/organisations to open innovation
  • Membership Enrolment

    Any interested students of KLU can register for membership. The activities and services of the KLU-IIE can be availed by all the registered members. Membership is governed by the rules and regulation of KLU IIE.

    Membership Form:

    Eligible students are required to apply for membership in prescribed form. Students can MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT FORM. Filled-in application forms my be also be submitted to the office of KLU IIE.

    Membership Fees:

    For Students Rs.350/year.

    For Staff Members (Teaching & Non-Teaching) Rs.100/year.

    Note: 1.D.D should be taken in favour of "K L University" payable at Vijayawada.
    2.D.D should be submitted at the following address:
    Janardhana Rao,
    Office Assistant,
    C,510,Computer Block,
    KLU IIE Centre.

    Benefits of Membership

    • A Certificate of Membership.

    • Participation in Ideation fests.

    • Participation in the seminars and Workshops at a concessional rate.

    • Participation in Certificate Programme at concessional rate.

    • Industrial visits to successful Enterprises/Techno Parks.

    • Mini projects/Survey reports guidance.

    • Counseling and Mentoring for Entrepreneurial ventures.

    • Funding support through the Government funded projects for the student’s prototypes that are highly innovative.

    • Facilitation and guidance right from idea development and up to commercialization

    • Free access to E- LEARNING CONTENT OF Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP).

    • Access to News-Letter to enrich and enhance the student member’s entrepreneurial culture

    • Product Development guidance through Brain-Storming Sessions with Technical Experts fro various fields.

    • Training facility to learn the Ins and Outs of Business Projects and access to elaborative sample business projects pertaining to different industries.

    • Soft skill training programmes to enhance the agility on a continual basis.

    • Facilitating the Existing Entrepreneurs in business development process and product development.


    KLU-IIE has laid down the following guidelines to be followed by the Studentpreneurs who want to utilize the various services of KLUniversity’s Innovation, Incubation &Entrepreneurship Centre to streamline the operations in the areas of Innovation, Incubation&Entrepreneurship. 1.Students who want to join as a member in KLU-IIE can down load the membership application form from KLU-IIE Website.Alongwith the filled up application, enclose D.D for Rs.350 drawn infavour of “KL University” payable at Vijayawada.(D.D can be taken in any bank,challan also accepted).
    2. The Membership fees Rs.350 is for one year period only. If the students want to continue the membership he/she has to again pay Rs.350 towards the second year membership and so on.
    3. A member of KLU-IIE should be committed and exemplify themselves as leader to others and motivate them to involve in entrepreneurial activities right from idea generation and up to commercialization of the idea fruitfully.
    4. The Members are obliged to attend or participate in KLU-IIE meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, Start Up events, Boot Camps etc without fail. They can enthusiastically involve in organizing the programmes or events to be conducted by KLU-IIE.
    5.The students who participate in any of the events or programmes, have to get proper approval from the concerned department and KLU-IIE in order to get the attendance for the day or days on which they attend any of the events or programme of KLU-IIE.
    6. Attending the meetings organized by KLU-IIE is mandatory for a member. Attendance will be provided for that day.
    7. The Members should furnish their Email id to which KLU-IIE will communicate about the programmes or meetings if any on a specified date.
    8. The students who want to submit their business idea has to submit their idea with the following details:
    a. Title of the Business Idea.
    B.A brief write up of the Business Idea.
    C.Name of the Company.
    D.Type of Organization.(sole proprietor/partnership/Private Ltd etc.
    e.Partner’s names, addresses, contact number, email id, department, register number, sector in which they want to start a business etc.
    F.Maket Study/Competitor Analysis.
    G.Product or Service Specifications.
    H.Targeted Market &Targeted Customers.
    I. Marketing Plan &Strategies.
    J.Business Plan (cost estimation of the start up)
    The business idea should be typed neatly and to be handed over to KLU-IIE.
    9. The students who don’t have any business idea can contact KLU-IIE to get many business ideas in accordance with your goal.
    10. A business idea can be registered at JKLU-IIE with the names of the team members who are going to work for that business idea as partners.
    11. The membership fees Rs.350 paid is only to avail the various services of KLU-IIE.If any student want to study long term or short term skill development courses the prescribed fees for such course should be paid separately in the form of D.D drawn in favour of KL University, payable at Vijayawada.
    12. The students who want to render their services to KLU-IIE can give their names to KLU-IIE.(Volunteer).
    13. In case of involving in the activities of KLU-IIE the volunteers will be given attendance for the number of days they render their services to KLU-IIE.
    14. The students who want to book a cubicle or work space at KLU-IIE, should produce a requisition to the Director-KLU-IIE ontime.After proper approval only space or cubicle will be allotted to the Studentpreneur or his or her team members.
    15.Incase the students are not able to develop a particular idea submitted to KLU-IIE,the students are advised to go for any other alternative ideas that could be implemented with limited risk.
    16. The Studentpreneurs should enter their name whenever they enter into KLU-IIE in a register with incoming and outgoing time and other personal details required to be filled in the register at KLU-IIE office.
    17. It is mandatory to keep the work space or cubicle clean and tidy.
    18.KLU-IIE will identify certain outside Boot Camps or Start Up events from time to time and send the students to participate in such events or programmes in different places of our country. The cost of participation will be bestowed by KL University. Before sending the students to participate in the outside events or programmes a preliminary practice on how to present the business idea in the events effectively. After screening the students who have the competency only will be selected to be sent for such outside presentations.
    19. A Studentpreneur who wants to obtain funding from KLU Management should submit a requisition to the Director of KLU-IIE with details about the business idea and the estimated cost of the start up. Typed copy only will be accepted.
    20. Except the class hours and lab hours the incubates can use the facilities available at KLU-IIE to develop their Start Up on a consistent basis with dedicative effort.
    21. Whenever a Status Meeting or a Review Meeting about the progressiveness of the Start Up is conducted at KLU-IIE or any other Seminar Halls, the students are advised to attend regularly and furnish and discuss about the actual status or progress in their respective Start Ups with the concerned Authorities or Internal Mentors.
    22. The Studentpreneurs are advised to utilize the mentorship services of both Internal Mentors and External Mentors of KLU-IIE effectively for the consistent development of the Start Up.
    23. The Studentpreneur can get KLU-IIE library book after entering in the register properly. A Studentpreneur can take one book only at a time. The book should be returned within 7 days.
    24. The Studentpreneurs are allowed to take one or two copies in the Xerox Machine at KLU-IIE.If they need to take more number of copies they have to go outside.
    25. The Studentpreneur and his or her team members are obliged to maintain the updated status on progressiveness of their Start Up in a separate file that will be verified by the concerned authorities from time to time.
    26. The Studentpreneurs are liable for any damages caused to the property of KLU-IIE.
    27. Whenever KLU-IIE organizes for expert’s interactive session or mentor’s meet the Studentpreneurs and his or her team members are informed that they have to attend the interactive session without fail and utilize their valuable services to the development of their Start Up.