Vision & Mission


Lead the future of global healthcare and well-being of the communities we serve.


1. Education: Provide the most comprehensive and highest quality education for pharmaceutical sciences in a learning environment that embraces diversity, equity, integrity, ethics, moral courage and accountability.
2. Community service: Conduct health education programs to the community to prevent disease and improve public health and well-ness by fostering an environment that promotes the safe, efficacious, and cost-effective use of medications.
3. Research: Develop a passion for discovery and innovations with multidisciplinary collaborative research and engage in creative partnerships locally and globally to advance health education, research, and practice.
4. Entrepreneurship: Encourage and support resourcefulness, originality, imagination, ingenuity, and vision in our students, faculty, and staff. Foster the development of entrepreneurs who have the ability to dream, inspire and innovate and courage to envisage the commercial success and socio economic productivity of innovations.

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