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KLEF provides an assurance of quality in teaching, academic environment, research strength, through the best state of the art Infrastructural facilities. Our Faculty is our strength. We have 182 Ph.D graduates from reputed Universities. Our faculty members have distinguished themselves through awards for academic activity from National as well as International organizations.

 The programmes offered across the KLEF are   innovative, flexible, and cutting-edge. Our curriculum  design  benefits from direct input and engagement with experts in the private and public sectors and civil society.

The students are guided by hard-working, driven people, and encouraged to debate, discuss, and analyze their curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The collaborative environment provides inspiration and support to succeed, with added benefit of choosing a career of their choice. Students are evaluated on a continuous basis throughout the semester.

All the Basic science and Engineering science courses are delivered by highly qualified academicians and associated high-caliber specialists, and are underpinned by world-class research and pedagogical expertise and frameworks. A balance of theory and practice is key. Practice based learning, Lab taken to class and project based labs are our hall marks. This will help to   learn concepts and strategies that can be applied to working life immediately, significantly enhancing their career prospects.

Our Academic Structure offers lot of Flexibility for students. Research is a part of curriculum at both under graduate and higher degree programmes. There are a number of interdisciplinary courses, where departments work together to create strong, new programmes where fields converge to suit to the current industrial and societal needs.

Freshman Engineering Department is an unique feature at KLEF. The concept of a Freshman Engineering Department is meant to cater to the needs of all new entrants by providing them a well organized platform for their academic and social development

Various Departments, Research Centers for excellence at KLEF conduct different Academic activities which include Teaching, Research and Industrial Consultancy. Communication and Soft Skills department is specially designed to cater to the requirements of the individual students in honing their life skills and communication abilities, thereby complementing their technical skills.

The KLEF has signed MOU’s with several other educational institutes in the world for faculty exchange and student exchange programs.

The academic atmosphere at the Institute is a rare blend of modern day technical skills and the traditional emphasis on imparting knowledge. Students who have qualified from the Institute have always done the country proud through their outstanding achievements and leadership qualities.

 KLEF has research and scholarship strengths in so many academic disciplines that is sure to find the sort of discipline one is looking for. And if not, we are ready to create one to suit.

Dr.Pranveer Singh Satvat,
Dean Academics