Welcome to Industrial Practice School

     As a part of the curriculum, K. L. E. F introduced an innovative concept of Practice School. The Practice School (PS) program forms an important component of education at K L E F. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between an academic institution and the corporate world. The Program, which would be a simulation of real work environment, requires the students to undergo the rigor of professional environment, both in form and in substance. In the process, it provides an opportunity for the students to satisfy their inquisitiveness about the corporate world provides exposure to practicing professional skills and also helps them acquire social skills by being in constant interaction with the professionals of an organization. During Practice School, some of the students may be offered stipend and/or job offer. This program benefits the student to understand what he/she has studied in the class room and what is being practiced in the industry.

Every student is required to undertake On-the-Job-Training (OJIT) in his/her domain area along with day-to-day functions of the company, both at the assistance and the execution level. This will help the student to gain a deeper understanding of the professional work, culture, organizational targets, delivering results, work pressure, etc. of an organization.

Practice School involves task orientation, teamwork, goal orientation and managing the interpersonal relationships. Therefore, it helps students to develop the qualities required for a Graduate and Post Graduate. A good Practice School program undertaken with all the seriousness provides an excellent learning opportunity to the student and also paves the way for job placement.

Why Practice School


  • Enables students to have a smooth transition from academics to professional world.
  • Enhances interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership qualities etc.
  • Provides an opportunity to apply some of the ideas/skill sets that students learn during the academic program.
  • Increases the confidence levels of students.
  • Enables students to have awareness of personal strengths and limitations as a professional.
  • Increases marketability of students after graduation.
  • Provides link with potential future employers.


  • Unlike on-campus courses students are judged for ability to work in teams, communication skills, decision making ability, leadership quality etc.
  • Continuous and internal evaluation.
  • Faculty evaluates the student and involves professional experts.

Students are judged on

  • Setting goals and Targets
  • Achievements of Targets
  • Application of Engineering Tools
  • Objectives of training Program
  • Means to achieve Targets
  • Application of Theory to Practice
  • Quality Presentation
  • Quality of Report Preparation
  • Over Coming Limitation
  • Communication Skills
  • Planning Efficiency and implementation
  • Attitude and Discipline


1 Course Practice School
Program (PSP)
M. Tech Internship
(a) Internship
(b) Summer Internship Program
Summer Internship
Program (SIP)
(a) Industrial Training Program
(b) SIP
(a) Industrial Training Program
(b) SIP
2 Duration of Internship One full Semester One full Semester (a) 4 months
(b) 3 Months
2 months (a) 4 months
(b) 2 Months
(a) 4 months
(b) 2 Months
3 Period of Internship
(Tentative Period)
July - November &
Dec - April
August- December / December – April (a) Dec -Apr
(b) May-July
May-June (a) Dec -Apr
(b) May-July
(a) Dec -Apr
(b) May-July
4 Semester 7th or 8th
3rd or 4th
(a) VIII Semester
(b) II & IV Semester
(a) VII Semester
(b) II, IV, & VI Semester
(a) VI Semester
(b) II &  IV Semester
5 Academic Credits 12 Credits 18 Credits (a) 18 Credits
(b) 9 Credits
6 Credits (a) 18 Credits
(b) 6 Credits
(a) 18 Credits
(b) 6 Credits
6 Stakeholders/Guides Company Guide (CG)
University Guide (UG)
& Departmental Committee (DC)
Company Guide (CG)
Operational Guide (OG), University Guide (UG),
& Departmental Committee (DC)
Company Guide (CG)
University Guide (UG), Faculty Guide
& Departmental Committee (DC)
Company Guide (CG)
University Guide (UG)
Faculty Guide
& Departmental Committee (DC)
Company Guide (CG)
University Guide (UG)
Faculty Guide
& Departmental Committee (DC)
Company Guide (CG)
University Guide (UG)
Faculty Guide
& Departmental Committee (DC)
7 Evaluation Stages Fortnightly 50 Marks, Interim report-20 marks &
Final report-30 marks
Fortnightly Report-25, Interim report-20, Attendance &
End Sem. Evaluation –CG-20 & 30 marks
Weekly report-30 Marks,
Initial Report-10 Marks,
Interim Report-20 Marks &
Final Report-30, Campus Presentation -10 Marks
Weekly report-30 Marks,
Initial Report-10 Marks,
Interim Report-20 Marks &
Final Report-30, Campus Presentation -10 Marks
SIP Weekly report-25,
Initial Report-25 marks, Final Report-35 marks, Campus presentation-15 Marks
SIP Weekly report-30,
Initial Report-20 marks, Final Report-40 marks, Campus presentation-10 Marks
8 Evaluation share CG-30 Marks
UG-20 Marks &
DC-50 Marks
CG-35 Marks
OG-15 Marks
UG-20 Marks &
DC-30 Marks
CG-50 Marks
UG-10 Marks
FG-30 Marks
DC-10 Marks
CG-50 Marks
UG-10 Marks
FG-30 Marks
DC-10 Marks
CG-45 Marks
UG-10 Marks
FG-30 Marks &
DC-15 Marks
CG-50 Marks
UG-10 Marks
FG-30 Marks&
DC-10 Marks

List of PS Companies

  1. Adduri Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 4S Telecom (P) Ltd.
  3. Accutech Enterprises
  4. Anjana Engineering Services
  5. Dynamatic Technologies Ltd
  6. HMT Machine Tools Ltd.
  7. Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Ltd
  8. M R K Industries
  9. Scalata Software Technologies
  10. Sky Fi Education Labs Pvt.Ltd
  11. Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd
  12. Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
  13. Punatsangchhu-II Hydroelectric Project Authority
  14. Soenam Mebar Construction (P) Ltd
  15. National Agro Foundation
  16. A & P Electric Company
  17. Accendere Infotechnologies Pvt.Ltd
  18. ADAQ Technologies Pvt Ltd
  19. Aditi Solar Pvt. Ltd
  20. Aishu Castings Limited
  21. Andhra Pradesh Productivity Council
  22. AP Forensic Science Laboratories
  23. Appminds Technology Services Pvt.Ltd
  24. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
  25. Big Bang Evolutionary Entertainment
  26. Bioserve Biotechnologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  27. Budhan Engineering Pvt Ltd
  28. Clap one
  29. Cloud Pact Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  30. Coherendz
  31. Containe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  32. Covalent Technologies Pvt Ltd
  33. Creative Xperts
  34. Cybercity Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd.
  35. Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
  36. Edurobo
  37. Electro Magnetic Devices
  38. Embinsys Technologies
  39. Eqic Dies & Moulds Engineers Pvt. Ltd
  40. Fractalfern Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  41. Gifting Happiness
  43. Imaginate Software Labs Pvt Ltd
  44. Joohitha Power Systems Pvt. Ltd
  45. K B Power Care Pvt. Ltd
  46. L arsen & Toubro Limited
  47. Lakshmi Tool Tech
  48. Lanco Infratech Limited
  49. Madhu Babu Industries (P) Ltd
  50. Merxius Software Pvt.Ltd
  51. Miltech Equipment & Systems Pvt. Ltd
  52. Mobvious Mobility Solutions (p) Ltd
  53. Mpower Infratech (India) Pvt. Ltd
  54. MTE Precision
  55. Nano Bright solar technologies pvt ltd
  56. NATCO Pharma Ltd
  57. NCC Urban Infrastructure Limited
  58. Ogni Esco Pvt. Ltd.
  59. Opto Mech Engineers Pvt.Ltd
  60. R. K. Estates Builders & Developers
  61. R.V.Nirmaan Pvt.Ltd
  62. Raise Click Online Solutions Pvt.Ltd
  63. Roshini Seeds
  64. Royal life sciences Pvt.Ltd
  65. S. V. Constructions
  66. Satinos Technologies Pvt.Ltd
  67. Savithra Engineering
  68. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd
  69. Sheladia Associates,Inc.
  70. Sirius Solar Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd
  71. Sitra Infotech Pvt.Ltd
  72. Spectrochem Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
  73. Sritech Electronics & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  74. Structural Design Solutions
  75. Sulakshana Circuits Ltd
  76. Sumith Electronics Pvt Ltd
  77. Surya Electronics
  78. Techsys Automation Pvt. Ltd
  79. The Singareni Collieries Limited
  80. Thrive Solar Energy Pvt.Ltd
  81. TriCAD Design Consultants (P) Ltd.
  82. Trisan Info Pvt. Ltd
  83. Vasantha Green Projects
  84. Vasavi Estates
  85. Vayuputhra Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd
  86. Vidyuth Control Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  87. Visra Mechatronics
  88. Vivid Plastics Pvt.Ltd
  89. Volt Amp Engineers
  90. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  91. Arete Services
  92. Better Castings
  93. Bharat Electronics Limited
  94. Bhavanam Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd.
  95. Dissil Pvt.Ltd
  96. Divya Electrical Transformers and Services Pvt.Ltd
  97. Dr. Computer.in IT and Ecom Services
  98. Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  99. G. S. Electricals
  100. Green Buds Software Technologies
  101. HQZ Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  102. Incap Limited
  103. Indiaone Business Services LLP
  104. Intenational paper Appm Limited
  105. ION Technology Solutions
  106. ITON
  107. Jocil Limited
  108. K K Design Engineers
  109. Kumar Group of Industries
  110. Kusulava International Ltd
  111. Maitreya Electricals Pvt. Ltd
  112. Mithra Coaches
  113. Pragmatics Software Solutions
  114. Prakasa Spectro Cast (P) Ltd
  115. QUE Technologies
  116. R V Labs
  117. Sai Bharghava Electricals
  118. Sailfish Digital Media Solutions
  119. Satish Dhawan Space Centre,SHAR
  120. South Central Railway
  121. Sudheer Builders and Developers
  122. Sunmicro Technologies
  123. Tirumala Cotton and Agro Products Pvt. Ltd
  124. Vaishnavi Estates
  125. Varun Infosys
  126. Coastal Soil Engineering Consultancy Services
  127. Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
  128. Hindustan Shipyard Limited
  129. Living Word Solutions
  130. M. V. K. Transformers
  131. Millennium Software Solutions
  132. Nanomindz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  133. New Dawn Automation
  134. Opel Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
  135. Power Tech Industrial Services
  136. R. V. R. Projects (P) Ltd.
  137. Technosoft Solutions
  138. Webpros Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.