Awards and Recognitions of Faculty
S.NoName of the FacultyTitle of the Award Award/Recognition / Achivement Instituted byYear
1Dr. K. SrinivasuluBest teacher AwardKL University2009-10,2010-11, 2011-12 & 2012-13
2Dr. R. Srinivas ReddyBest Teacher awardKL University2012-13
3Dr. R. Srinivas ReddyDST - Fast Track Young  Scientist awardDST2010-11
4Dr. B. Jaya kumar SinghBest teacher AwardKL University2011-12
5Dr. B. Jaya kumar SinghDST - Fast Track Young  Scientist awardDST2011-12
6Dr. B. Jaya Kumar SinghUGC-Research AwardUGC2013-14
7Dr. V.Praveen KumarBest teacher AwardKL University2009-10,2010-11, 2011-12 & 2012-13
8Dr .B. Mahendren UGC-Research AwardUGC2013-14
9Dr. S.Vijaya SaradhiExemplary Research AwardNational Peanut Research labs, USDA, USA2011-12
10M. Maheswar ReddyBest teacher AwardKL University2012-13
11Dr. M.SudhamaniBest teacher AwardKL University2012-13
12Dr.MSR KrishnaUGC-Research AwardUGC2015-16
13Dr. Ch. Hanumantha RaoBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
14Dr. K. Rajasekhara ReddyBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
15Mr. K. Sundar KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
16Mr. P. Sundar KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
17Dr.S.VenkateswaruluBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
18Dr.G.Rama KrishnaBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
19Dr. K.SubramanyamBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
20T.Pavan KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
21K.V.D.KiranDrona AwardIBM''''''''s TGMC2010-11
22M.Vishnu VardhanBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
23T.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
24T.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
25CH.Radika RaniBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
26S.Srinivasa RaoBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
27E.SrideviBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
28Dr Habibulla KhanBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
29Dr Habibulla KhanBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
30Dr Habibulla KhanBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
31Dr S .Lakshmi NarayanaBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
32Dr K .S. RameshBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
33Mr B. T. P MadhavBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
34Mr B.T.P MadhavBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
35Mr B. T. P MadhavBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
36Dr K. Sarat KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
37Dr K. Sarat KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
38Dr D. Venkata RatnamBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
39Mr M Venkata NarayanaBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
40Mr M Venkata NarayanaBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
41Mr M Venkata NarayanaBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
42Mr D. S. Ram KiranBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
43Mr D. S. Ram KiranBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
44Mr P. SatyanarayanaBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
45Mr M. SridharBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
46Dr Fazal Noor BashaBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
47Mr B. Murali KrishnaBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
48Sri.N.VenkatramBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
49Sri.N.VenkatramBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
50Dr.D.Aruna KumariDST –SERB (Young Scientist) Research GrantDST-SERB2015-16
51Smt.D.Aruna KumariBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
52Smt.D.Aruna KumariBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
53Smt.D.Aruna KumariBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
54Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2012-13
55Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
56Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
57Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
58Dr.K.Srinivasa RaviBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
59Dr.K.Srinivasa RaviBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
60 Prof.K.Ragvaha RaoBest Paper awardKL University2012-13
61Dr.Md.Ali HussainYoung Faculty Award 2015Venus International Foundation Faculty Awards - VIFFA 2015-16
62Dr. Mohammed Ali HussainBest Academic Researcher AwardASDF and Government of Pondicherry2012-13
63Sri.K.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
64Sri.K.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
65Sri.K.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
66Mr. J. SomlalBest research paper awardKL University2012-13
67C.S. FeliceAppreaciation for publicationsKL University2009-10
68Mr.M.Raja AmbethakarBest Teacher AwardK L University2012-13
69Dr.M.Latha Outstanding faculty AwardVenus International Foundation2015-16
70Dr.M.Latha Teachers Excellence AwardConfederation of Education Excellence. Crown Plaza New Delhi2014-15
71Dr. V. Vasanta KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
72Dr. V. Vasanta KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
73Dr. V. Vasanta KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
74Dr. V.S. BhagavanBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
75T.Srinivasa RaoBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
76K.V.Chandra SekharBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
77B.Srinivasa KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
78Dr. N.S.M.P.Latha DeviBest teacherK L University2010-11
79Dr. A. Venkateswara RaoSAP- JRF and SRFUGC2007-08
80Dr. Ch. RajeshLate Dr. M. R. Bhide Prize for the paper having potential for IndustrializationRaman Memorial Conference, University of Pune2011-12