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Trans cultural Research Centre & Anuvad Club

Group Head Dr G.Mohana Charyulu,Assoc.Prof.of.English,K.L.University.Research Centre & Clubs Objectives

1.To mould the technical students to read native literature so as ts imbibe Indian Culture into their lives   and lead value      based professional life.

2.To provide a platform for discussions, events, activities in the area of translation.

3.To emphasize on research oriented activities leading to quality-publications.

4.To develop a strong network globally among netizens.

5.To inculcate translation hobby among the faculty and students as well.

6.To impart technology oriented recent trends in translation studies.

7.To become members of International Translation Association and participate at global level .

8.To write books on theories of Translation and also do translation-assignments.


i)Contemporary Literary Criticism

ii)Post Colonoal Literature

iii)New Literatures

iv)Indian Writings in English Literature