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NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “Translation,Language and Literature” (NCTLL)-2015

NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “Translation, Language and Literature” (NCTLL- 2015) was organized by the Department of English on 28 & 29 March, 2015. The Conference focused New Trends and Methods in English Language Teaching, Literature and Translation. It provided a platform to teaching techniques, research on Language, Literature and Translation. Dr. Srinivasa Rao Banala, Chief Guest, Poet and Translator, Associate Professor, Dept of English, O.U A.C, stressed the need of the Research on Translation. Regional literature has its roots at Global influences. All the villages in the world are now under the influence of world. So the roots of Regional literature are strengthened by translation. Dr. Shravan Kumar, G. Associate Professor and Deputy Controller of Exams, PJTS Agriculture University, Hyderbad underlined the importance of Language and literature par with the translation. It is the need of the hour to study and project new ideas on the Language, Literature and Translation. The conference conducted three parallel sessions giving ample scope to the Research Scholars to express their views regarding the theme of the conference. 82 Scholars from 9 states including various universities in and around Andhra Pradesh presented their Research Papers and had a thorough debate on various issued related to the theme. Along with Conference proceedings “Glittering Minds”, a collection of Full length papers of the scholars, is also brought during the Conference. The Scholars, who presented their paper in conference, had also published in Asia Pacific International Journal. At the end, Dr.G Mohana Charyulu, convener of the Conference expressed his deep sense of gratitude to the Hon’ble President, Vice President and University Authorities for giving their encouragement and kind support in organizing the conference.

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