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About the Department

The Department of English in FED of K L U, proudly claims that it has 10 doctorates, and almost all the other members are pursuing their doctoral degrees at different universities. We are proud of the academic contributions of our faculty. Many of them get invitations from various universities and colleges in and around Andhra Pradesh for guest talks and as resource persons. The department holds its head high in playing a major role in achieving 100% placements. Some senior members are involved in the placement training program which takes place during summer every year. This helps the students to wake up from their Rip Van Winkilian stage and equip themselves for a handsome placement.

The department also plays a significant role in faculty development programs and teaching workshops. There are many experts and resource persons specialized in their esteem, like non-verbal communication, business etiquette, class room management, pedagogy, blooms taxonomy and motivational skills. More over language workshops are conducted at regular intervals as IN-HOUSE FACULTY TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. It is here that the presence of the English department is felt more acutely. There are a number of experts in various domains from phonetic to grammar and usage.