Internal Research

S.No Name of the PI/Co-PI Funding Agency Title of the Project Amt Req.(In Lakhs) Status
1 Mr.R.B.R.Bhanu Prakash KLEF A Study of Power Quality in STATCOM Connected Windfarm 3 Ongoing
2 Mr.B.Loweswara Rao KLEF An Active Dynamic LVRT Solution for DFIG Wind Turbine during Balanced  and Un balanced Grid Faults Using SEN Transformer 3 Ongoing
3 Dr. Obbu Chandra Sekhar
Mr. D. narasimha Rao
KLEF Design and development of a Laboratory Model of Linear Induction Motor 2.25 Ongoing
4 Mr. T. Vijay Muni
Dr. SVNL Lalitha
KLEF An Optimal Power Management Scheme for the Standalone PV/Battery System 1.5 Ongoing
5 Mr. D. Seshi Reddy KLEF Power Control Scheme for Light to Light Energy Conversion System 1.25 Ongoing
6 Mr. K. Narasimha Raju
Dr. M. Venu Gopala Rao
KLEF Electromagnetic Propulsion Model 0.5 Ongoing
7 Mr. Goda Ganesh Raja Sekhar KLEF An internal current controlled BLDC motor drive supplied with PV fed high voltage gain DC - DC converter 0.6 Ongoing
8 Ms. Edara Sreelatha KLEF Evaluation of level-shifted carrier PWM technique for neutral-point stabilization of five-level DCMLI 0.6 Ongoing
9 Mr.dVinnakoti Sudheer KLEF Enhancement of power quality with hybrid-fuzzy based active compensation scheme for grid connected-hybrid power generator 0.6 Ongoing