Guest Lecturers

Guest lecture on "Power System Operation and Smart Grid" Dept. of EEE, KLEF held on 25-04-18 by Dr. Rominus Valsalam
Guest lecture on "Importance of Core companies for Electrical Engineer" Dept. of EEE, KLEF held on 14-03-18 by Mr. K. Samuel Prajwal
Guest lecture on "Activities in Skill Council in Green Jobs" Dept. of EEE, KLEF held on 27-02-18 by Mr. Arpit Sharma
Guest lecture on "Power System Planning" Dept. of EEE, KLEF held on 21-12-17 by Dr. Ramaiah Divi
Guest lecture on "Energy Conservation" Dept. of EEE, KLEF held on 21-12-17 by Mr.A.Chandra Sekhar Reddy
A Guest Lecturer on Utility Experience Using Fibre Optic Distributed Temperature Monitoring Systems to Monitor High Voltage Cable Corridors Fields held on 24-01-2017
A Guest Lecturer on Role of Operators in Control Centers Fields held on 20-1-2017
A Guest Lecturer on Technologies In Communication Fields held on 01-04-2016
A Guest Lecturer on Challenges in Power System Protection held on 15-03-2016
A Guest Lecturer on Resonant Converters held on 9-03-2016
Application of FACTS Devices in Power Transmission Systems held on 18-09-15
India Grid Disturbance-2012 and Soft Computing techniques in Electrical Engineering held on 30-08-2015
Importance of Phase Measurement Units (PMUs) held on 8-08-2015
New Power Flow Methods for Deregulation held on 24-07-2015
Recent Trends and Applications in SMART GRIDS and MICRO GRIDS held on 10-07-2015
Renewable Energy Systems held on 25-03-2015
Indian Power Scenario (Power Generation & Transmission) held on 20-2-2015
An Overview of Alberta’s Power Sector(Transmission System Planning) held on 17-01-2015
Introduction to Real-Time Electricity Markets held on 03-12-2014
An Overview of Electrical Products by Crompton Greaves held on 10-11-2014
Distribution Systems and Distributed Generation held on 25-08-2014
Smart Grid held on 17-10-2013
Guest Lecturer Delivered in the Year-2012
Guest Lecture Delivered