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Awards & Recognitions

S.NoName of the FacultyTitle of the Award Award/Recognition / Achivement Instituted byYear
1Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
2Sri.K.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
3Smt.D.Aruna KumariBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
4Sri.M.SumanBest Teacher awardKL University2009-10
5Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
6Sri.K.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
7Dr.K.Srinivasa RaviBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
8Smt.D.Aruna KumariBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
9Sri.M.SumanBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
10Sri.N.VenkatramBest Teacher awardKL University2010-11
11Smt.D.Aruna KumariBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
12Sri.M.SumanBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
13Sri.N.VenkatramBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
14Sri.K.Ravi KumarBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
15Dr.K.Srinivasa RaviBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
16Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2011-12
17 Prof.K.Ragvaha RaoBest Paper awardKL University2012-13
18Dr.J.K R SastryBest Teacher awardKL University2012-13
19Dr. Mohammed Ali HussainBest Academic Researcher AwardASDF and Government of Pondicherry2012-13
20Dr.D.Aruna KumariDST –SERB (Young Scientist) Research GrantDST-SERB2015-16
21Dr.Md.Ali HussainYoung Faculty Award 2015Venus International Foundation Faculty Awards - VIFFA 2015-16