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Academic Calender(2015-2016)


M. Tech – First Semester (Applicable to 2015-16 admitted batch)*
Registration 31st  August 2015
Orientation about the Overview of PG Programs and K L University facilities 1st September 2015
Commencement of Class Work 2nd September 2015
Assignment Test Week ( 1st hour only) 12th October 2015 Onwards (One Week)
Test -1 2nd-4th November 2015
Quiz Week 23rd November 2015 Onwards (One Week)
Test -2 23rd- 26th December 2015
Last instruction day 26th December 2015
End Semester Exam starts 31st December 2015 to 11th January 2016
Semester break 12th-17th January 2016

M.Tech - Second Semester

Registration 18th  January 2016
Orientation 19th January 2016
Commencement of Class Work 20th January 2016
Assignment Test Week ( 1st hour only) 29th February 2016 Onwards (One Week)
Test -1 21st – 23rd March 2016
Quiz Week 11th April 2016 Onwards (One Week)
Test -2 12th-14th May 2016
Last instruction day 14th May 2016
End Semester Exam starts 18th May 2016 – 30th May 2016
Semester break 31st May 2016 – 13th July 2016
Registration for Third Semester (2015-16) 14th July 2016
Commencement of Industrial Internship/Class work 20th July 2016

* It is proposed to deliver minimum of 25% of the syllabus by the industry related experts; For which few Saturdays and Sundays are going to be made working for M.Tech students based on the consent and availability of relevant experts.

M.Tech – Third Semester (Applicable to 2014-15 admitted batch)

Registration 13thJuly 2015
University Guide Allotment 14th July 2015
Orientation at K L University about the Internships 15thJuly 2015
Commencement of Industrial Internship 20th July 2015
Review 1 2nd Week of September 2015
Review 2 2nd Week of November 2015
Last Internship/Instruction Day 17th November 2015

M.Tech – Fourth Semester

Registration for Project Work 1st December 2015
Orientation at K L University about the Project Procedures 2nd  December 2015
Commencement of Project Work at KLU Campus 3rd December 2015
Review 3 3rdWeek of January 2016
Review 4 ( Internal Evaluation) 2nd  Week of March 2016
Final Viva( University External Exam) 1st Week of May 2016