Department of
electronics & communication Engineering


List of seminar performed by students
S.No Reg No Topic
1 1 Transient Analysis of a CMOS Inverter Driving Resistive Interconnect
2 2 Master-Slave TMR Inspired Technique for Fault Tolerance of SRAM-based FPGA
3 3 Communications via systems on chips clustering in large scaled sensored networks
4 4 Design and comparison of low power and high speed 4bit ALU
5 5 Two new low power high performance full address with minimum gates
6 6 SOC synthesis with automatic hard ware software interface generation
7 7 On chip multi channel waveform monitoring for diagnostics of mixed signal VLSI subjects
8 8 Leakage temperature dependency modeling in system level analysis
9 9 Low power tunable analog circuit blocks based on
10 10 Statistical design optimization of F in FET SRAM using back gate voltage
11 11 Integration and implementation of secured IP based Surveillance networks
12 12 Memory less pipeline dynamic circuit design technique
13 13 Compressive acquisition CMOS image sensor  from the algorithm to hardware implementation
14 14 Decoding in analog VLSI
15 15 The improved data encryption standard(DES) algorithm
16 16 A new VLSI architecture of parallel multiplier – accumulator based on radix to modified booth algorithm
17 10102304 Highly Parallel FPGA emulation for  LPDC  error floor characterization in perpendicular magnetic recording channel
18 10102308 Vector bank based multimedia CODECSOC design
19 10102312 MOORE's LAW PAST 32nm:future challenges in DEVICE SCALING
20 10102298 Communications via SOC Cluttering in large scaled sensor networks
21 10102302 Pattern based interactive method for extreme large power/grand analysis
22 10102328 Double sampling architecture for performing fine time interpolation with in a limited logic FPGA
23 10102310 FPGA interpolation for humidity and temperature remote sensing systems
24 10102306 VHDL modeling of Wi-Fi MAC layer to transmitter
25 10102323 VLSI on chip power/grand network optimization considering decap leakage currents
26 10102334 temperature control frame work using wireless sensor networks and acoustical analysis for total special awareness
27 10102313 Data rendition  flip-flops for power down applications
28 10102321 On chip ESD protection sgategics for RF circuits in CMOS technologies
29 10102332 Trend and challenge on SOC design
30 10102301 An anti harmonic programmable DLL-based  Frequency multiplier for dynamic frequency scaling
31 10102308 Intrusion aware SOC design which uncertainty classifications
32 10102303 Bio chip future basis for DNA computers
33 10102315 Master-Slave TNR inspired technique for fault tolerance at SRAM based FPGA
34 10102322 Low cost MIMO testing for RF integrated circuits
35 10102318 Design and comparison of Low power and high speed 4-bit ALU
36 10102298 Simulation of power grid networks considering wires and lognormal leakage current variations
M.Tech Communication and Radar System
S.No Reg No Topic
1 36 Integration and implementation of secured IP based surveillance networks
2 10 Discharge measurement using acoustic doppler current profiler
3 15 3G wireless communications
4 38 Design considerations and implementation of a DSP based car radio IF processor
5 13 Development of close Proximity wireless communication interfacing transmitter and receiver block in a single chip
6 20 Smart antenna techniques and their applications
7 2 Recent trends in IP/NGEO satellite communication systems:Transport routing and  mobility management concerns
8 34 Reduce the peak to average power ratio of an OFDM system
9 10102177 A novel low rate satellite communication system based on SIGSO satellite
10 10102169 Human area networking technology:redtacton
11 10102167 overview of networking protocols for under water wireless communications
12 10102175 Electrocriptography-based brain computer interface
13 10102168 Analysis of Lab based steganography techniques
14 10102170 Micro air vehicles for optical surveillance
15 10102173 Use of multi resolution capability of wavelets for ship detection in SAR imagery
16 10102165 A new chaotic secure communication system
17 1.01E+08 A fourth generation MIMO-OFDM broad band wireless system
18 10102179 Brodband wireless access solutions based on OFDM access in IEEE 802.16
19 10102171 Exploiting the 60GHZ band for local wirelss multimedia access
20 10102175 Discrete wavelet transform-based structures similarity for image quality assessment
21 10102163 An on board processor and adaptive scanning controller for the second generation precipitation radar
22 10102151 Potential of UWB technology for the next generation wireless communication
23 10102183 Forest fire detection system based on wireless network
24 10102149 Wireless telemedicine services over integrated IEEE 802.11/WLAN and IEEE 802.16/WIMAX network
25 10102162 Design of phased array antenna based on the Vivaldi antenna
26 10102176 Management in vertical handovers for UMTS and WLAN networks.
27 10102161 WIMAX,the emergence of wireless broadband
28 10102171 A novel wavelet medical image fusion method technology and standards of digital TV terrestrial
29 10102167 Multimedia broad casting
30 10102164 Modeling the effectiveness of underwater sonar
31 10102154 Design ,regulation and evaluation of Xshare for impromptu sharing of mobile phones
32 10102166 Broad band wireless access solution based on OFDM access in IEEE802.16
33 10102169 Target guided antenna
34 10102186 A comparative research of robustness for image watermarking
B.Tech IV/IV A and B Sections
S.No Reg No Topic
1 Y7ec207 Efficient 3D extraction of interconnect capacitance considering floating metal fills with boundary element method
2 Y7ec313 Design of low power phase locked loop technology
3 Y7ec275 Real time computing of optical flow using adaptive neuro process
4 Y7ec242 Analog VLSI systems for fast image requisition and early vision processing.
5 Y7ec227 Global Positioning system
6 Y7ec223 Internet Protocol TV
7 Y7ec225 Organic semiconductors
8 Y7ec215 Laser communications
9 Y7ec334 Multiple beam smart antenna array for mobile communication
10 Y7ec272 The role of VLSI in STR technology
11 Y7ec204 Stegnography
12 Y7ec208 Spingtronenics
13 Y7EC279 Eye tracker keeps car driver alert
14 Y7EC299 Adaptive blind noise suppression
15 Y7EC321 Free space laser communication
16 L8EC331 Stratellites
17 Y7EC269 VLSI chip making singular future
18 Y7EC303 Cellular positioning
19 L8EC332 Biometrics
20 Y7EC296 Golden Ratio
21 Y7EC208 Brain-Machine interface
22 L8EC334 Brain-Machine interface
23 Y7EC322 Organic LED
24 Y7EC292 Spintronics
25 Y7EC202 Image segmentation
26 Y7EC204 LBP method for face and pattern recognition
27 Y7EC210 Vehicle tracking system
28 Y7EC212 Multiple compression systems
29 Y7EC214 Night vision technology
30 L8EC340 Wireless energy transfer
31 Y7EC238 Wireless compatible stand alone biometric system for in house applications
32 Y7EC324 Optical illusion
33 Y7EC206 Lynx,A high resolution synthetic apprerture radar
34 Y7EC224 Animation(2D/3D)
35 Y7EC226 Geletology
36 Y7EC234 Wireless system architecture
37 Y7EC236 GPS
38 Y7EC240 Artificial Vision
39 Y7EC248 Acoustic modem
B.Tech III/IV B Section
S.No Reg No Topic
1 Y8EC 201 Global Positioning system
2 Y8EC203 Internet Protocol TV
3 Y8EC205 Design of low power phase locked loop technology
4 Y8EC207 Wireless local area network
5 Y8EC209 Nano robots in Human
6 L9EC357 Global Positioning system
7 Y8EC249 Internet Protocol TV
8 L9EC355 Design of low power phase locked loop technology
9 Y8EC259 Wireless local area network
List of student seminars
S.No Roll No. Topic Name Duration Equipment used Abstract Submitted Grade
Semester - I
1 Y7EC 213 Swine Flu 30min LCD YES A+
2 L7EC 441 Antenna Propagation 30min LCD YES A
3 Y7EC 202 Advanced VLSI Trends 20min Black Board YES A
4 Y7EC 204 Embedded  Systems 20min Black Board YES A
5 Y7EC 205 Mobile Cell Phone Charger 20min Black Board YES B
6 Y7EC 210 Micro Electronic Device 20min Black Board YES A
7 Y7EC 212 Global Positioning Systems 20min Black Board YES A
8 L8EC 334 Micro Controllers 20min Black Board YES B
9 Y7EC 215 Orbitar Moon 20min Black Board YES B
10 Y7EC 219 Elements of Communication 20min Black Board YES B
11 Y7EC 221 Nano Robots 20min Black Board YES B
Semester - II
1 Y8EC 201 Touch Screen 20min Black Board YES A
2 Y8EC 203 Cell Phone Calling Detector 20min Black Board YES A
3 Y8EC 213 Water Level Indicator 20min Black Board YES A
4 Y8EC 215 Smart Dust 20min Black Board YES A
5 Y8EC 253 Mobile Number Portability 20min Black Board YES A
6 Y7EC 211 Inflation and GDP 20min Black Board YES B
7 Y7EC 215 Optical PCB BUS 20min Black Board YES B
8 Y7EC 221 Nano Robots in Human 20min Black Board YES B
9 Y7EC 229 LIG or IMT advanced 20min Black Board YES B
10 Y6EC 203 Modern Cellular Technology 20min Black Board YES A
11 Y6EC 207 Line Follower Robot with auto go down detection 20min Black Board YES A
12 Y6EC 233 MASSERS 20min Black Board YES A
13 Y8MTCR 201 Sequential Detection for Multiuser 20min LCD YES A+
14 Y8MTCR 202 Estimation of continuous flat fading 20min LCD YES B+
15 Y8MTCR 203 Ground penetrating Radio antenna 20min LCD YES C
16 Y8MTCR 204 Interface management and performance 20min LCD YES A
17 Y8MTCR 205 Control of antenna beam width 20min LCD YES B+
18 Y8MTCR 206 Designing and Implementation of antenna 20min LCD YES A
19 Y8MTCR 207 Development of Low cost SFCW 20min LCD YES A
20 Y8MTCR 208 UWB rectangular ring micro strip 20min LCD YES A
21 Y8MTCR 209 An efficient VHF implementation 20min LCD YES B+
22 Y8MTCR 210 Design of VHF synthetic aper ture 20min LCD YES C
23 Y8MTCR 211 Robot arm manipulator 20min LCD YES B+
24 Y8MTCR 212 Maritime Bardee control multisensory 20min LCD YES A
25 Y8MTCR 213 Extraction of 3D parameters 20min LCD YES A+
26 Y8MTCR 214 Installed Performance Analysis 20min LCD YES B+
27 Y8MTCR 215 Random Degradation of Radar 20min LCD YES B
28 Y8MTCR 216 Multiple access extensions of OFD 20min LCD YES A
29 Y8MTCT 217 A new technology for designing compact 20min LCD YES A
30 Y8MTCR 218 Design of reconfigurable coprocessor 20min LCD YES A