Department of
electronics & communication Engineering

About Us

We are one of the seven Departments in the College of Engineering, KL University which was established in the year 1980, has grown now to be a department with 110 Faculty members and over 2000 Under Graduate and 200 Post Graduate students. As the largest academic department of University, Department of ECE and its Faculty are involved in an exceptional range of Educational, Intellectual and Research activities. We have grown over the years in many directions and currently recognized as a “Premier Teaching and Research Department” of the KL University and also we recognized by DST under FIST program in the year 2012.

KLU has a three – fold mission in Teaching, Research and Application. This is reflected in the Department's operations. Our first mission is to educate Electronics and Communication engineers for Indian and Global industries. Our philosophy is not only to educate engineers, but also to prepare them for future leadership roles in industry– indeed, many of our alumni are now Directors of Industry, leading their organizations as Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors. We provide a broad based engineering curriculum, with opportunities for specialization and self-directed learning and development. We invest much effort to enhance our student’s learning experience through the application of ECE technology.

Our second mission is to strive for research leadership in selected strategic research areas that are relevant to the National strategies for Science and Technology. Our department encourages multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to research to solve major research challenges of Societal and Global significance. Faculty members engage in projects with investigators from other schools within the campus, and other National and International Institutions and Agencies. Our third mission is to focus on commercial applications for the research we carry out–through Patents, Licenses or spin off companies.

In order to make the Faculty and Students to expertise in a particular area and to focus on Product, Patent developments and Consultancy in that area, we have identified five major areas and formed Research Groups accordingly. Each Group is headed by Senior Faculty–an Expertly Qualified Research Professional, to advance forward with the result oriented tasks. Following are the groups.

Research Groups

  • Communication Systems Group

  • Image , Speech & Signal Processing Group.

  • MEMS Group.

Advisory committee

  • Dr.U.B.DESAI,Director,IIT,Hyderabad

  • Dr.N.J.RAO,Professor,IIIT,Bangalore


  • Dr.G.S.N.RAJU,Vice Chancellor, Andhra University

  • Mr.D.RAMA KRISHNA,M.D,Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.,VZA

Board of Studies

  • Dr N V S N Sarma, NIT,Warangal

  • Dr.M Madhavi Latha,JNTUH

  • Mr.Ramasamy,Sr Executive Manager,Efftronics Systems Pvt Ltd

  • All Professors

  • Two Associate Professors

  • Two Assistant Professors

Thank you for visiting the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at K L University. We hope you have found what you were looking for on this website, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have queries.
- Dr.A.S.C.S SASTHRY, Head of Department,