Department of
electronics & communication Engineering

Guest Lecturers delivered by other Experts

Guest Topic Date Students For
Mr. Damarla Paradhasaradhi “ANALOG VLSI DESIGN” conducted by “C-DAC, BANGALORE” 22nd– 23rd January 2016 65 Faculty from ECE department attended.
Mr. M.V.D.Prasad
Ch.Raghava Prasad
Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics 18-02-2015 Students of ECE and Faculty
Dr.Anil Kumar Vuppala. Speech Processing Current Problems and Challenges 18-02-2015 Students of ECE and Faculty
Prof Bhaskar rao. climate and weather conditions 08-03-2014 All ECE Faculty
Dr.M.Balachary , Scientist ‘G’ DLRL Hyderabad Practical Broadband Antennas and Trends in antenna technology. 01-02-2014 -
Prof.M.Kamaraju ,Chairman, IETE, Vijayawada Low Power VLSI Design and its Challenges. 8th January,2014 Students of III/IV B.Tech(ECE)
Dr.Chari Kandala Moisture contents of peanuts. 22nd January,2013 Students of ECE and Faculty
Dr.KM Prasad Singula Software demonstration. 11th January, 2013 Students of ECE and Faculty
Mr. P.Kalee Prasad Director, Doordarshan Vijayawada Doordarshan 03rd Dec 2012 ECE, EEE, ECM, ME, BT Faculty
TASC-INFM National Laboratory,
S.S. 14, Km 163.5 in Area Science Park,
34012 Basovizza (Trieste),
Research Applications on MEMS/NEMS 11-06-2012 M.Tech(VLSI),Faculty
Prof. Gerald E. Sobelman
University of Minnesota,
MN 55455,
IUCEE VLSI Design Course Workshop 20-08-2012 to
ALL B.Tech.(ECE) and M.Tech.(VLSI/CR)
Eswara rao.P VLSI Desgin and its Future direction 18-08-2012 ECE
Texas Instruments Inc.,
20450 Century Blvd,
Germantown, MD - 20874
About Advanced Research and Development 03-01-2012 III/IV ECE
Prof. K.Giridhar
ECE Dept
IIT Madras
Recent Trends in Mobile communication 22-02-2012 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Mr. S.J. Reddy
Sr. Engineer
All India Radio
Modern Trends in Digital Audio Broadcasting and Communications 17-08-2011 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Dr. Ramakrishna Janaswamy
University of Massachusetts
Electromagnetic Field Theory 18-07-2011 to
II/IV ECE, Teaching and Research Staff
Mr. Ramesh Babu
VGTM UDA office
HAM Radio 31-08-10 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Mr.Vijay Kumar Application of neural networks to eliminate cancer 28-12-2010 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Prof Shankar
Dept of Chemistry, Portland State University, Portland , USA
Adventures in Nano world 20-01-11 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Dr Ramachandra Reddy, Professor, SVU Digital Signal Processing 26-03-10 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Mr J Bhaskar Globalization ressision impact on IT industry 02-12-09 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Dr Uma Garimella Effective teaching strategies 28-10-09 Faculty
Mr Subba Rao , SHAR, Sri harikota Advanced topics in RADARS 18-09-09 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
Dr Vemuri Ranga Director Design Environments laboratory, University of Cincinnati ,USA Microchip Designing 21 to 25-09-08 II/IV ,III/IV,IV
Dr R V Raja Kumar,
IIT, Kharagpur
Capability of a wireless Channel 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr Ramesh Garg,
IIT, Kharagpur
Microstrip Antennas 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr P Sri Hari Rao,
Electrical Warfare System 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr B Yagnanarayana,
Speech Processing 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr N.S.N Sarma,
Professor& HODNIT, Warangal
Mobile & Cellular Communication 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr M Lakshminarayana,
RF,Microwave& Millimetric Wave System-II 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr L Pratap Reddy,
Professor, JNTU, HYD
Image Processing-III 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr N Chalapathi,
Sr Manager, IBM Research, USA
Bio-medical Signal Processing 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr V Pandari Pandae,
Professor, OU, HYD
Phased array Antennas 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr P V Ananda Mohan,
Executive Director ECIL
VLSI, Signal Processing 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr R Gangopadhayay,
IIT, Kharagpur
Communicatio System –II 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr T Venkateswarlu,
Professor, SVU, Thirupathi
Signal Processing-II 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr C B Rama Rao ,
Professor, NIT,
Dr M B Srinivas,
Associate Professor, IIIT, HYD
Specialization 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr G.S.N Raju,
Dean, Academics, R&D, AU, VSKP
Antennas& ArraySignal Processing 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr B.C Jinega,
Rector JNTU, HYD
Dr Wimple Van Den Barg,
Grintek Aviation, South Africa
DSP at KHZ-GHZ Range 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr H S Jamadagni,
IISC ,Banglore
Wireless Sensor Networks 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Mr S Thiagarajan,
General Manager ECIL
Communication Systems-1 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr P Raghavendra Rao,
Radar & Electronic warfare Systems 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr Somanathsen Gupta,
Image Processing-I 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr B Prabhakararao,
Vice Principal, JNTU, Kakinda
Communication Systems-III 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr PVD SomasekharaRao,
Director, School of IT,JNTU,HYD
RF, Microwave & Millimetric Wave Systems-I 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Mr P Soma,
Group Director (MOHA)ISTRAC,ISRO
Technology Challengers in Satellite Navigation 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr S Anjaneyulu,
Jackson University, USA
Importance of Nano Technology 22-12-07 (IV) ECE,EEE,MECH,IST,ECM
Mr M Chakravarthy,
Antennas & Applications 22-09-07 III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr R V Raja Kumar
Professor, IIT, Kharagpur
DSP& Design 14-08-07 School of Electrical Science
Dr V P Kodali,
Director DOE, lifefellow, IEEE
Electro Magnetic Compatibility 14-08-07 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
Dr Vemuri Ranga
Director Design Environments laboratory, University of Cincinnati ,USA
Microchip Designing 10-08-07 II/IV ECE,EEE,CSE,IST