Department of
electronics & communication Engineering

Training Programs

List of training programs conducted to educate the Faculty

Serial Number Title of the Training program Name of the Resource Person Date conducted Number of Participants
1 Mission 10X Trainning Learning program Mr.P.Satyanarayana
Mr.S.Sreedhar Babu
Mission 10X on 18th-Nov-2014 20
2 HFSS package for RF-Microwave and Antennas applications Mr.C.Sarat, HFSS resource person from Bangalore Jasmine Hall on 17th and 18th January 2014 20
3 NILAB VIEW Mr.Rakesh,Mr.Manimaran ,
‘LABVIEW’ resource persons from Bangalore
12th ,13th Nov 2013 15
4 Cadence Training phase-1 Mr.S.Ashraf,Mr.Jagdish 16th ,17th March 2011 15
5 Cadence Training phase-1 ‘Mr.Vara prasad,Mr.Sandeep 28/6/2011 to 1/7/2011 20
6 2-day intensive work shop on Xilinx embedded design flow Mr.Mahesh sankroj 3rd ,4th Dec-2011 20
7 Work shop on RF system design Mr. Dharmendra Nayak 12/9/2011 to 14/9/2011 25
8 Work shop on RF system design Mr.vinay 19/12/2011 20