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Sponsored Projects

List of Sponsored projects as on date

S.NoName of the PI/Co-PIDate of StartFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectAmt Req.
(In Lakhs)
Reference NumberStatus
1Dr. R. Srinivasa Reddy Oct,2008DST – SERC Sequential separation of high value products from microalgae12.960SR/FT/LS-009/2008Completed
2Dr. B. J. K. SinghMar,2009UGCIsolation, identification and characterization of protein pollen allergens of Indian origin10.12834-260/2008(SR)Completed
3Dr. R. S. ReddyMar,2009UGCStudies on flue gas fed microalgae for alternative fuel production10.35835-26/2008(SR)Completed
4Dr. R. Srinivasa ReddyAug,2010DBTCO2 Mitigation and Cultivation of oil rich microalgae for Bio-fuel production20.910BT/PR11888/PBD/26/94/2009Completed
5Dr. B. J. K. SinghFeb,2011DST – SERC Molecular characterization of plant Endo-N-Acetylglucosaminidases (ENGase)16.470SR/FT/LS-033/2009Completed
6Mrs.K. ChandrikaNov,2011DST-WOS-AAn integrated process development of continuous sequestration of CO2 and the production of value added products26.000SR/WOS-A/ET-76/2011(G)Completed
7Mrs.G.SwapnaMar,2012DST-WOS-AScreening the mitigation of carcinogenic PAHs and CO emissions of flue gases by microbial consortia22.400SR/WOS-A/LS-370/20119(G)Completed
8Dr.T.Venkateswara RaoMar,2012DSTInsilico approaches to multitarget ligand designing and assay based screening of Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors27.200SR/CSI/138/2011(G)Completed
9Dr. R. Srinivasa ReddyMar,2012DBTNovel Biorefineries : Design and process development for production of high value products and biofuels from microalgal consortium 60.810BT/PR1420/PBD/26/276/2011Completed
10Dr.B.J.K.SinghMar,2012ICMRAllergen Epitope Mapping and Invivio screening of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines12.292DHR/Plan scheme/GIA/10/2012Completed
11Ms.Shechinah Felice Choragudi Dr.B.Jayakumar SinghNov,2012DST-WOS-ACharacterization of Pollen specific Polygalacturonase of Sorghum bicolor19.400SR/WOS-A/LS-397/2011(G)Completed
12Dr.M.SudhamaniApr,2013DST-SERB-YSApplication of Therapeutic sugar producing lactic acid bacteria in diabetes and obesity management25.000SB/FT/LS-212/2012Completed
13Dr.B.Mahendran Dr.K. Vijaya KumarJune,2013DBTTargeted Delivery of Nanoparticle to Enhance DR5-DDX3 Mediated Apoptosis in Tumour Environment42.950BT/PR6743/NNT/28/614/2012Completed
14Dr.B.MahendranJan,2014UGC - RAIdentification and characterization of DDX3 interactive proteins in the development of Breast Cancer27.15030-7/2012 (SA-II)Completed
15Dr.B.Jaya Kumar SinghJan,2014UGC - RADevelopment of ELISA based diagnostic kit for the plant pollen cross reactive allergens34.69030-9/2012 (SA-II)Completed
16Dr. S.R.Krishna MotukuriApr,2015UGC - RATranscriptome analysis of Chilli against drought8.52030-1/2014/RA-2014-16-OB-ANP-5581 (SA-II)Ongoing
17Ms.Ch.Chitralekha Dr.B.MahendranJun,2015DST WOS-AScreening and Characterization of SNP associated Sex linked Biomarkers 23.100 SR/WOS-A/LS-1174/2014 (G)Ongoing
18Ms.K.Lavanya Dr.B.MahendranJun,2015DST WOS-AIsolation and Characterization of Human COX-2 Inhibitors from Cyperus scariosus R.Br rhizones23.650 SR/WOS-A/LS-1160/2014 (G)Ongoing
19HODSep,2015DST Metabolic Engineering Lab67.000SR/FST/LSI-608/2014(C.)Ongoing
20Mr. G.V.S Rama KrishnaSep,2016DSTApplication of pullulan based Edible Active Films and Coatings (EAFC''s) in shelf life extension and packaging of fresh produce12.490SP/YO/026/2016 (G)Ongoing
21Dr. Chandrasekhar ChandaDec,2016SERBBiochemical and Molecular Characterization of Snake Venom Metalloproteinases and Disintegrins from Cobra Venoms43.270ECR/2016/001673/LSOngoing