SEATING PLAN FOR TEST-1 DURING 01/08/2016 TO 03/08/2016

Webinar on flowcytometry on 1-4-14

Sucessfull conduction of "Go Green"

DNA Forensic Seminar Highlights

MoU with Varsha Biosciences, India Pvt.Ltd

MoU with DNA Initiation Meeting

MoU IBSC meeting

Details of Training Programs Conducted

Sno Title of the Training Program Duration Starting date of the workshops Number of participants Name of the representation Industry   Discipline of the workshop
1 Introduction to computer aided drug design 3days 22-11-2010 to 24-11-2010 20 Support scientist, Schrodinger LLC, USA Bioinformatics
2 DNA finger printing 1 day 28-02-2011 40 Director Helini Biomolecules Genetic Engineering
3 Recent advance in structure based drug design 2 days 27-28 February, 2012 15 Support scientist, Schrodinger LLC, USA Bioinformatics
4 Computer aided Drug Design 1 day 27-02-2013 30 Support scientist, Schrodinger LLC, USA Bioinformatics
5 Jeevan Vidya 6 days 19-24 May, 2014 10 Academic Staff College, KLU Human Values
6 Scientometric tools and techniques for research analysis 2 days 27th & 28th September, 2014 30 KLU, Central Library Research & Development
7 Indian youth science congress 3 days 19-21 January, 2015 20 Acharya Nagarjuna University Research & Development