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OBJECTIVES OF KLU –Academic Staff College :
1 To organize specially designed Orientation Programs (OPs) in pedagogy, educational psychology and philosophy, and socio-economic and political concerns, Ethics in Teaching for all new entrants at the level of Assistant Professors
2 To organize such orientation programs and Refresher Courses (RCs) for serving teachers, covering every teacher at least once in three to five years, however this must not be a limitation to train teachers and need based trainings as and when needed over and above this must be imparted.
3 To organize specially designed OPs/RCs in IT for new entrants as well as for in-service teachers.
4 Keeping in view both verbal and oral Communication skills of teachers on rolls, To organize special training sessions that enhances the communication abilities and gives them better speaking skills.
5 ICT enabled teaching is fast becoming an essential pedagogy, thereby regularly providing latest up-graded tools as training to all teachers, once in an year.
6 Modern Curriculum Design, delivery methods especially those related to Outcomes based Education and Assessment, providing a total hands on all the vital elements of such, to all teachers.
7 To train all the teachers on application oriented teaching-learning.
8 To Train, upkeep all the University Administrators in Various administrative skills, Inter-personal, Intra-personal skills, Management skills, Human values.
9 To Train and regularly up-grade all the top level administrators on managing Students, Teachers and on How to use effective monitoring mechanisms for both these sections of the University.
10 To Provide extensive Orientation of Latest and Futuristic advancements in each area of Research, by means of Short Term Training Programs ( One week duration).
11 To impart training to teachers, Research Scholars and Post Graduate Students in Research Methodologies and Mathematical Tools.
12 To train all the teachers on web based interactive teaching models.
13 To Train identified faculty on Group Based, Project Based and Capstone Models of Teaching-Learning.
14 Regularly Train and Up-grade faculty on effective implementation and follow of Bloom’s Taxonomy right from Course Hand outs to Assessment.