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Greetings from the Department of Mathematics, KLU !!!

The departments cater the needs of various programs in Engineering, Management and Commerce in Mathematics courses. Further, it offers B.Sc,M.Sc, M.Tech Integrated, M.Phil and Ph.D Programs in Mathematics. To facilitate this and for effective and efficient organization of the same a separate Mathematics Department with faculty having various specializations has been created.


  • Competency based course delivery.
  • Course delivery is through Engineering applications.
  • Using software tools like MATLAB and C-programming in the courses.
  • Constant efforts by faculty to keep abreast of the latest developments in their fields of specialization.
  • Regular updating of the syllabus as per the recommendations of the academic and industry experts.
  • To impart value based education.
  • Supplementing Board and Chalk methods with electronic gadget driven conceptual, application oriented interactive modes.