About The Depatment

The Department of Physics was established in 1980. The Department offers B.Tech Programs under Choice Based Credit System besides M.Sc. and M.Tech programs. It offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. Research Programs in Physics.

The thrust areas of research are Nanomaterials, Polymers, Phosphors, Glass Science & Technology, Atmospheric Science and Liquid Crystals. The Department has undertaken many research projects funded by DST, DRDO and DBT

The faculty members of this department have published over 75 Research papers in international journals. At present 34 Research Scholars are pursuing for their Ph. D degrees in the Department of Physics. The Department has organized several national seminars and workshops. The alumni of this department occupy pivotal positions in Universities, Research laboratories and Industries inland and abroad.

The basic engineering physics curriculum consists of the first year standard engineering program, followed by upper division courses equivalent to those required for a Bachelor of Science degree in physics. U G Students select a concentration of technical electives in one of a number of currently marketable areas: applied physics, properties of materials, computer science, or digital electronics. (Concentrations in other areas may be tailored to fit individual interests.) Students receive realistic, practical, problem oriented training in an advanced projects laboratory and seminar, designed with the cooperation of representatives from some of IIT&IISC outstanding high-tech industrial firms.

Department Achievements

  • The dept. has two advanced research labs known as "Center for Emerging Materials(CEM) and Center for Nano Technology (CNT)"
  • The dept. has three women scientists.
  • The dept. has conducted a National Workshop on “Nanoscience and Technology for Device Applications (NSTDA – 2013). On 31st Oct 2011.
  • The dept was conducted a two day DST sponsored National conference on “Recent Trends in Nanoscience and Technology (RNTDA – 2013).
  • Presently the dept. is having a DBT sponsored project woth 41 Lakh.
  • Three more projects worth 100 Lakhs is under pipe line.
  • One of our experienced professor Dr. A Srinivasa Rao went to Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, in lien.
  • There are in total 15 scholars working for their Ph.D’s in the department.
  • The dept. has 16 faculty members with 75% Ph.D’s, 25% M.Phil’s and 6% M.Tech’s.
  • The dept. has 75 research publications in various peer reviewed international and national publications in last 4 years.
  • The dept. faculty has presented 10 papers at various international and national conferences and workshops.
  • One of the professors Dr. K Vijaya Kumar has authored a text book entitled “Development and Characterization of for Electrochemical and Fuel cells. The book was published by LAMBERT Academy publishing, Germany.
  • One of the professors Dr. K Vijaya Kumar is acting as reviewer for International Journal of Polymer Engineering and International Journal of Science and Technology.