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Academic Year 2015-16 Semester-I 4th year-B.Tech

Academic Year 2014-15 Semester-I 4th year-B.Tech

Batch No. Title Name of the Research Group
1 Humanoids Robotics
Study on Thermal Power Plants Thermal
2 Development of Ultra High Efficiency Thermal Power Generation Thermal
RC Plane  
Magnetically Leviated Trains  
3 Heat Transfer By Nano Fluids  Thermal
4 Fabrication of Micro Needles Manufacturing
5 Solar Tracker Thermal
6 Alternative Energy Sources Thermal

Batch No. Title Name of the Research Group
1 Detailed Study on Castings  Manufacturing
Railway Engineering  
2 Design of a Delta robot with a Desired WorkSpace Robotics
Modeling of a Medical Parallel Manipulator Robotics
3 Automatic Solar Street Light Controller  
4 Design of Parallel Robots Robotics
5 Newtons second law and its applications  
Beronoulis principle and its applications  
6 Modeling and Fatigue Analysis of an Automotive Wheel Rim  

Batch No. Title Name of the Research Group
1. Unmanned Aero Vehicles  
2 Sensor Communication for Enhanced Road Safety Mechatronics
study on I C Engines and Gears Thermal
3 Lean Manufacturing Manufacturing
Anti Theft Wheel Locking System  
4 Topology Optimization of Prosthetic Knee Joint Robotics
5 Study of the Strength and Hardness of the New Metal Alloy  
6 Condition Monitoring on Rotating Machine Elements Design

Batch No. Title Name of the Research Group
1. Wire Electric Discharge Machining Manufacturing
2 AeroCrafts  
Performance of Engine with Future Fuels Thermal
Haptic Technology  
Alternate Fuels for Vehicles Thermal
3 Cooling Effect using Sound Waves  
Six Stroke Engine Thermal
Alternate Fuels for Vehicles Thermal
4 Reverse Engineering on Auto chassis  
5 Overview of Green supply Chain Management in indian Mfg. Industries Industrial Engg.
Role of Logistics in Green Supply Chain Management Industrial Engg.
6 Capture Carbondioxide with Nanotechnology  

Batch No. Title Name of the Research Group
1 Heat Transfer Through Magnetic Fluids Thermal
2 Study of Mechanical Properties of metal composites used in automobile applications Thermal
3 charging mobile batteries by using wind turbines Thermal
Deriving new methods to find viscosity Thermal
4 Machine and its Mechanism Design
5 Touch Switch  

Batch No. Title Name of the Research Group
1 Conceptual Aircraft Design and Modelling Design
Hydro Vehicles Thermal
Mileage Development Thermal
2 Bio Diesel - Cetane Number Improvement Thermal
Hydrogen Fuel Cells Thermal
3 Generate Power and Light By using the Battery and Lead Thermal
Mobile Robotics Robotics
4 Rover and its Scientific Uses  
Sensors and its applications Mechatronics
Model Rocket  
5 Dual Energy Resources Thermal
Steering Mechanism and their applications Thermal
6 Implementation of Fluid Motion Aerodynamically in Vehicles Thermal