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Parents Meeting was held in the HOD, GROUP HEAD Chamber on 20-02-2010 at 11.00 AM.

S.No The following parents attended in the meeting
1 Mr. Kolanu Krishna, F/o K.Satya Nagesh (Y7ME283)
2 Mr. P.Chandra Sekhara Rao, F/o P.Manoz, (Y8ME286)
3 Mr. P.Phani Raj Kumar, F/o P.Varun Kumar (Y7ME310)
4 Mr. M.Nagalingeswara Rao, F/o M.Roopasri (Y8ME271)
5 Mrs. Sk.Meharunisa Begum, D/o Paresha Begum SK (Y8ME353)
6 Mrs. P.Vijaya Lakshmi, M/o P.Thirumala Rao (L9ME359)
7 Mr. K.Venkata Ramana, F/o K.S.S.P.Viswanath (Y8ME250)
8 Mr. D.Srinivasa Reddy, F/o D.Jayanth Reddy (Y8ME233)
9 Mr. S.Rajendran, F/o R.Varalakshmi (Y8ME294)
10 Mr.G.Gurunadha Rao, F/o G.Siva Divya (Y8ME239)
11 Mr.N.V.Ramesh, F/o N.Murali Krishna (Y7ME251)
12 Mrs.N.Rajeswari, M/o N.Murali Krishna (Y7ME251)
13 Mr. A.Venkateswara Rao, F/o A.Mohan Krishna (Y8ME203)

The following points were discussed amongst the parents and the HOD, GROUP HEAD,Group Head

  • The HOD, GROUP HEAD welcomes all the parents and briefs about the purpose of the parents meeting.

  • The Group Head explained about the various achievements of department as well as College which includes NBA, NAAC accreditations and Getting Deemed University status.

  • The Group Head requested the parents to express the feed back about the College.

The following points are raised/discussed

  • One of the parents asked about the Certificate Courses. HOD, GROUP HEAD,Group Head explained about the certificate courses which are offered by the department and the advantages are also discussed.

  • One of the parent asked that how the faculty will move with the students – HOD,GROUP HEAD explain the mentor concept and how these mentors will help the students. He also given some examples.

  • Parents requested to send a progressive reports which includes the external marks for 1st year as well as 2nd , 3rd and 4th years – HOD, GROUP HEAD promises that he will send the progressive reports from the next semester onwards.

  • Parents asked why the attendance and marks or not posting in the website – HOD,GROUP HEAD explains that since the website is changing from klce.ac.in to kluniversity.in we could not able to posting. He promised that with in couple of months it will be done.

  • One of the parent raised that is the Laptops are utilizing are not – HOD, GROUP HEAD explained how the Laptops are utilizing in the class room as well as out side the class room.

  • One of the parent asked about the criteria for detention – HOD, GROUP HEAD explains about the minimum requirements for the promotion.

  • HOD, GROUP HEAD is requested all the parents to check their wards laptops and see that laptops are free from any unwanted files.

  • One of the parent raised that students are going to workshops / seminars is it required – HOD, GROUP HEAD explained that uses of attending various workshops / seminars. He also explained the mechanism in place to trace the student whether he went for wright place or not.

  • One of the parent asked about MIT program – HOD, GROUP HEAD explained about 2+2, 3+1 and internship programs.

  • HOD, GROUP HEAD explained about the collaboration with the foreign universities.

  • One of the parent asked about 2nd year 2nd semester summer vacation – HOD,GROUP HEAD mentioned that for 2nd year 2nd sem students there is no summer vacation as per the summer vacation.

  • One of the parent raised that how can the students improve in communications and arithematic skills as they are introduced in GATE.– HOD, GROUP HEAD explained about the CSS department.

  • .One of the parent asked that is SCNM-2010 is open to all or not – HOD, GROUP HEAD mentioned that it is all the students.