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Credit Transfer

  1. Credit transfer from other E F to K L E F or vice versa is permitted only for under graduate program.

  2. Credit transfer from K L E F to other University: Student studying in K L E F can take transfer to another University under the following conditions:

    1. K L E F has signed MOU with the University.

    2. However, a student, after seeking transfer from K L E F can return to    K L E F after a semester or year. Based on courses done in the other University, equivalent credits shall be awarded to such students.

  3. Credit transfer from another University to KLEF: A student studying in another University can take transfer to K L E F under the following conditions:

    1. When a student seeks transfer, equivalent credits will be assigned to the student based on the courses studied by the student.

    2. The student, when transferred from other Universities, has to stick to the rules and regulations of K L E F.

    3. To graduate from K L E F, a student must study at least half of the minimum duration prescribed for a program at KLEF.