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Change of Branch

A student admitted to a particular Branch of the B.Tech course will normally continue studying in that Branch till the completion of the programme. However, in special cases the KLEF may permit a student to change from one branch to another after the second semester.

  1. Only those who have cleared all the first and second semester subjects of first year are eligible to apply for change the branch.
  2. Change of branch shall be made strictly on the basis of merit of the applicants and availability of seats subjected to the following conditions:
    1. Top 1% students of the admitted students will be permitted to change their branch without any constraints.
    2. For others, change will be permitted strictly on merit basis. Students without fail grades, backlogs and with CGPA ≥ 8 will be eligible to apply.
      1. Strength of department B does not exceed 5% of intake strength.
      2. Number of students on rolls in the department A does not fall below 85% of the intake strength.
    3. The request for change (in the order of merit) for student S1 from department A to department B will be considered if:
    4. The request of student S1 will be re-considered (again in the order of merit) if student S1 does not violate (b) above due to another student getting transferred to department A.
    5. In case of a tie the Grade and/or marks scored by the student in the course of the Department for which he is seeking transfer will be considered.
  3. Bio Technology students are not eligible for transfer to other Engineering Programmes. However, other Engineering programme students from Biology background in Pre KLEF course are eligible for transfer to Bio Technology.
  4. All changes of Branch made will be made effective from second year first semester. Change of branch shall not be permitted thereafter.
  5. Change of branch once made will be final and binding on the student. No student will be permitted, under any circumstances, to refuse the change of branch offered.
  6. Change of branch is not be applicable for post graduate programmes.