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Acceleration & Deceleration of degree

  1. KLEF offers flexibility for B.Tech degree students in doing the courses. In addition to the prescribed courses a student can register for more electives, summer term courses, evening courses provided his/her timetable &KLEF facility permits. Any extra courses done by acceleration would be reflected in the transcript but not in the CGPA. Similarly a student can withdraw from the courses for which he/she has registered or can register for less number of courses to improve his CGPA.
  2. Number of additional courses for which student can register depends on CGPA and is subjected to the approval of Director - Academic Registration.
  3. Whenever a student seeks registration for additional courses he should seek the permission of Director - Academic Registration.
  4. Synonym to acceleration of degree programme, the KLEF permits a student to decelerate his degree programme as well. Any student owing to his personal problems or any other valid reasons is permitted to withdraw from the courses for which he has registered with the prior approval of Director - Academic Registration. Students who have decelerated their degree programme can register for summer term courses and evening courses if KLEF facilities permit and are eligible. Once if they attain normal pace either registration through summer programme or through acceleration at subsequent stages, the DDP tag will be removed.

However, when the student is permitted to decelerate his degree programme on his request or has been asked to do so by the Director - Academic Registration, he / she has to finish his / her degree programme within maximum period of eight years for first degree programmes and four years for higher degree programmes. Permission or directions from Director - Academic Registration for deceleration of degree programme does not imply that the maximum period is extended.