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Department Events: 2008-2009

FLY-WHEEL 2009, A National Level Management Student's Meet:

Fly-wheel 2009 a Two day National level Management Students’ Meet have been organised successfully under convener-ship of Mr.K.S.Venkateswara Kumar during 2nd and 3rd March 2009. Various committees have been constituted making the students part of it. Sponsorship committee successfully raised sponsorships to have financial support from different business organisations. Huge participation from various colleges from all over Andhra Pradesh lead to grand success. 26 teams comprising 400 plus participants have participated in various events .

Various Events are:

  • Explorer
  • Director's cut
  • Sceptre
  • The Punter
  • Brandish
  • Business Bafler
  • Mr. & Ms. Fly-wheel
  • Rhythm

NEXUS MBA Student's Meet (State Level) 2007-2008

A two day National level student meet Flywheel- 2008 had been organized during 18-19th February 2008. 28 colleges have registered and there were 450 participants actively contested in various events like Market makers, Business Quiz, Stock market, Young Manager, paper presentation contest, and cultural.

Many companies were generous to sponsor the program. Sri Grandhi Subbarao, Chairman, Virat Crane Industries Ltd., Guntur had joined the folks as chief guest during Valedictory session to give away prizes to winners. Following are the winners & runners of various events.

  1. Paper Presentation contest COMMUNIQUE
    • 1st Prize - P V Rohit, K B N College,Vijayawada
    • 2nd Prize - Sk Abdulla Babu, Sk Muttarunnisa Begum, Nimra
    • 3rd Prize - A Satya Vani, S Anjali, Maristella Vijayawada
  2. Market Makers ( BRANDISH)
    • Winners: Ms Indu Pavani, V Sravani, N H B Krishna Bai Montessori Mahila College,Vijayawada
    • Runners: Ms N V Neelima Chouta, R Mallika, Srivarshini, R V R college of Engineering, Guntur
  3. Business Baffler (Business Quiz)
    • 1st Prize winners (2)
    • 1. T J P S, Guntur (R. Sivaiah, A Gopi Chand, T. Uday Bhaskar)
    • 2. P B Siddhartha, Vijayawada (R. Balaji, B. Dilip Raju, Sripavan
    • 2nd Prize Mahatma Gandhi College , Guntur (D V A Bharathi, P Naga Krishna, Mallikarjuna)
  4. Director’s Cut
    • K. Dayanand (ICFAL College) Readers - 1
    • A. Rohit
  5. Sceptre (Young Manager) Winners – 1
    • Dynamites : P B Siddhartha College
  6. The punter (South Exchange) – Winners – 1
    • ICFAI, Vijayawada (Readers)
      1. K. Vishnu Kumar
      2. P. Naveen Kumar
      3. P. Venkateswarulu
  7. Rhythm Winners
  8. Solo Dance - P B Siddhartha College
  9. Group Dance – P.B. Siddhartha College
  10. Fashion Show.- Chadrakala, P.G. College.

Department Events Photos

Department Events Photos

Department Events Photos