Objectives of the Program

The 5 year Integrated Double Degree Program for B.B.A.,LL.B. is aimed at integrating the Legal Education as a major with the knowledge of Business Management Education as subsidiary. The mandatory courses in Law as prescribed by the Bar Council of India (BCI) are linked with the courses of Business Management in such a way that the study of these subsidiary management courses would enhance the understanding and interpreting the law in a better way in any given situation. Law as an instrument of social engineering, aimed at social change and social justice, requires proper understanding of various disciplines across the streams and subjects. With this view in mind the some basic courses in social sciences like Economics, Sociology are also integrated into the program. The course on Communication skills and Personality Development is also included as integral part of this program.


To be a centre of excellence in legal education and research; and to be a catalyst in law reform.

To develop among students and scholars of law a sense of social responsibility to serve the community in the fields of law

Sno Name of the Courses Number of Papers
1 Mandatory Law Courses 20 papers
2 Optional Law Courses 6 papers
3 Clinical Law Courses 4 papers
4 Management Courses 12 papers
5 English Courses 2 papers
6 Additional Courses (additional Law courses,Social Sciences, Seminar papers and Computer Programming) 14 papers
Total 58 papers

Outcomes Of The Program

  • The graduates will be able to acquire adequate theoretical and practical knowledge to take up legal profession in any Court of law as well as in any other Tribunal in the Country.

  • The graduates will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge required to discharge the duties of a judicial officer

  • The graduates will be able to get analytical and application skills required to work as legal advisors in any organisation

  • The graduates will be able to synthesize and evaluate the knowledge obtained by them which will help to develop an aptitude for higher learning and research in different areas of law.