Technical club(Yantrana):

Necessity is the mother of INVENTION and INNOVATION is the mother of INVENTION

Every innovative idea led to an impossible invention which proved impossible as I  M Possible....

These have now become the part and parcel of our kith and kin. The advancements of inventions coined technology to the zenith of blue infinity.
This technical club is a yonder destiny in the quest of perfection where we leave no stone unturned and no second unspent.


About Aerotrix AerotriX is the brainchild of IIT Kanpur alumni formed with the intention of improving awareness about aerospace and automobile engineering and to bridge the gap between industry requirements and what academia offers. We aim to come up with tailor made courses/workshops that would equip young Indian students with the skills and knowledge related to aerospace and automobile domains.

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Workshop on Robotics:

Yantrana club has conducted a workshop on 20th January 2012 at C111 from 5 P.M on the basic aspects of robotics for which 20 students have attended and took heed of its Omni importance. The prime thing worth mentioning here was that the workshop?s resource person was a student of KLU- K.Divya Kiran who with his glittering talents has led the entire session successfully and could reach everyone very effectively. Yantrana club is also planning for launching an internal e-magazine for the free flow of information among the club members and organisers. The work is under process. The organisers have met for 3 times to discuss about the future scope of the club and also to materialise the recent approved projects.

TARANG-2011: Tarang is an inter college student ordinate organised 10 engineering colleges in and around Vijayawada had its inaugural function on August 7th conducted at Vijnana Vihara School situated in Yenikepadu in which KL University Student Ordinate [KLUSO] has took a major and active role in its organising and participation. A good number of 3200 participants from 90 engineering colleges have thronged the venue on that festive day celebrated with pomp and joy.

Yantrana club of KLUSO has organised several workshops as below on the Tarang day-

• Microsoft workshop by Microsoft student partner-D.R.S.Sai Krishna who is also the coordinator of Yantrana club.

• Opera workshop by Opera campus ambassador-D.Siva Karthik also another coordinator of Yantrana club.

• Mozilla workshop by Mozilla campus ambassador-Sachin Kalae who is an organiser of Yantrana club. Our students from KLUSO have also bagged several merit prizes in the events conducted and as for the Yantrana club , opera quiz was won by the Opera campus crew who are also the key organisers of yantrana club-Vijay kumar and Anudeep Paruchuri.