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  • Narthana, dance club of K LUSO, is a platform that imbibes the intricate movements of classical dance with the narrative theatrical elements of drama. It is a showcase where individuals can develop their dancing skills.
  • It promotes culture with entertainment and lets people show case their talent on a grand platform.


  • Augments the ability to appeal to large audiences by adapting to the new and fast changing world we live in, without changing the basic essence of the dance.


  • Conducting activities to improve the Skills & to build up the competitive spirit among the club members.
  • Take their active participation in inter & intra college festivals


(2nd semester of 2014-2015 A.Y.) 

  1. January 26th – Cultural Events in Republic Day Celebrations.
  2. Feb 11th – NRITHYA(Inter college Dance competition)
  3. February 4th week - Cultural Events in Technical fest, SAMYAK.
  4. March 8th - Performances in women’s Day Celebrations
  5. March 11th – KLUSO birthday

Cultural club has its peculiar and outstanding part in every event conducted by KLUSO and depicts the Indian culture to the best extent possible as it is the whole and sole motto of KLUSO.

The Nartana club has yet again grabbed the lime-light with another stunning cultural extravaganza - Step up the dance feversponsored by e-city on January 4th 2012 at the new seminar hall.

The event started at 2 P.M in the afternoon and lasted its vibrated celebration till 5 P.M in the evening. A huge gathering has turned up to participate and watch this fun filled frolic conducted by K.Varun - General Secretary (Lalitham & Hobby club) KLUSO with his coordinator Neha Rao.

The event witnessed several fabulous dance performances both from cultural & western backgrounds and won loud laurels from the excited audience. The special flavour of the event was that it is presided by the sponsor team members who were really wondered watching the zeal of every KLUan when he/she tapped their feet for some peppy tunes amid an aura of euphoric appeal.

Glitzy watches and many more prizes were given away to the students who proved their tongue and tactic for the test-your memory game conducted at the spot.

As this event is the first round for the finale to be held at near future; 4 students got selected to that finale. They are:

Neha Rao & Santosh Varma   -third position

V.Vamshi                             -second position

Anusha Naidu                       - first position     

 The prize bonanza for the finale is as such:

 1st prize: 32 LCD TV

2nd prize: Tablet PC

3rd prize: Handy cam

Narthana club members are now up to brim with their voracious activity for the preparations of cultural nights in SURABHI-2012.



E-mail: Narthana.kluso@kluniversity.in