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To create a thought provoking environment among the members of the club that would broaden the horizons in the numerous realms of their lives letting them instil the leadership qualities thus building dynamism in each individual.


  • To elicit the latent talent of every member of the club
  • To induce, in the members, an urge to make their mark in the society.
  • To introduce to them the plethora of benefits in all-round personality development.
  • To train them to take a stand on several challenges be it social, political or ethical.

Plan of Action for this semester –

  1. Handling trivial roles in mega events like Samyak and Surabhi.
  2. Organizing and planning events at hand.
  3. Helping the members to bring out their skills in reading, writing and by that hone them in various aspects.
  4. Bringing out the college magazines, showcasing the talents of the individuals thriving to get out of a cocoon, the academics.
  5. Voice of Vachas – A shouts out on the present day affairs.
  6. Placement Panorama – Where we record the experiences of the outgoing students in their interviews and endeavours through their time at this university, to help the aspirants of the near future.
  7. Activities to be conducted in every meet convened, few bits knowledge and bit creativity will do the task. Fun factor be included in these activities which keeps them entertained.

The plans yet to be executed-

  1. An intra-college event involving every individual in the university.
  2. A course to be framed for members of the club, including good movies and noteworthy novels from every genre.

Calendar Check

  1. 24 December, 2011: Induction meet

An introductory meet was held, in the Student Activity Centre (SAC),led by the  President K. Keshav Ram followed by the coordinators. The agenda of the meet up covered the scope, range of work prospects, further activities and plan of action. The members introduced themselves,their aspirations etc .The intent of the meet was to break the ice and create a healthy environment among the members of the working committee.

  1. 27 December 2011: Activity IMock Parliament

The intent was to bring out the speaking skills within a group through a proper channel. The members were bifurcated into ruling and opposition  groups randomly  and were allowed to share their stand on the topic Why KLU?.The activity stimulated their analysis on the basic question that runs in the mind of every student.

  1. 31 December 2011: Workshop- Team building

The workshop was conducted  by ex-president Y.Bhargav,a TCS employee. The purpose of the workshop was to promote inter personal skills among the members through a series of exercises worked upon a practical scenario. The participants included the members of Vachas club  from all the departments who realized the significance of a �Team in the entire sense.

  1. 3-7 January 2012: 99th Indian Science Congress(ISC)

The members of Vachas club made their presence in the prestigious Science Congress meet held in KIIT, Bhubhaneshwar. The theme for this year ,The Role of Women in Science,sparked tremendous response especially among the girl students who attended the Meet.The highlights include inaugual talks by Dr.Manmohan Singh,Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam,Dr Nirupama Roy,M S Swaminathan,N Chandrasekharan et al.

  1. 6-7 January 2012: Vignan Mahostav

 The members of Vachas team made their presence count as they learnt through exposure in participation in the literary events of the fest held in Vignan University. The FED team led by the coordinators Bharat and John Darby were able to face the competition with their counterparts from other colleges and gain appreciable exposure with their active participation.The fact that,one of the members from FED ,was among the Top five speakers in the Speak Zone event  ,is worth a mention.

  1. 21 January 2012: College Idol Event

 The event gathered students from all the departments to test their leadership, oratory and creative bent of mind through a series of rounds testing the same. The organizers were provided with a platform through this event to hone their managerial and organizational skills ,as they reach out to the larger group.The event received  an appreciable response from the FED,SED and KLUBS departments. The evaluation of the skills among the participants  was done under the expertise of the Judges DharmaRajan Sir,CSS Professor.The event marked its end as M.Phani,a FED student was adjudged as the Winner.

  1. 28 January 2012: CATalyze

An interactive session ,with GVGK Raju,  Alumnus of IIM-B, was organized to stimulate the career-oriented and MBA aspirants in the college, to get connected with the speakers and shed all their career worries. The event received a tremendous response of 543 students who were spellbound as they listened ,to the speakers, about the importance of decision making at the age of 20,career management ,profile building and cracking the CAT.


Modus operandi:
The Members of the Club are structured into, Coordinators and Organizers who meet up twice a week to discuss the progress of the club, participate in the activities and conduct the events as per schedule.

A thorough feedback and review meet in carried out among the organizers of the event and the coordinators to scale the performance and the identify the margin for improvement.

The Organizers are divided into three teams to allot the work assignments in a proper manner. Each team is evaluated based on their active involvement in the clubs working and thus is given the credit points. This intent is to introduce to the members a healthy and competitive working environment and to make them comprehend the team ethics during the course of time. The Coordinators continuously monitor the development of the club in its journey towards reaching the vision stated.

The activities are conducted among the members of the club to enhance their skills and identify their strengths and weaknesses in literary and oratory skills. Thus the activities focus on the intra-club development, the skill perfection and the self evaluation of every member in the club.
Once the skills are honed, now, a platform is needed to reach out to a larger group to put the flairs into practice.

This is where the necessity of Events comes into the picture. The organizer teams conduct monthly events to enable the participation of KLUians in the college premises, to test their own management skills and thus reach the larger crowd.

But the whole element of events is confined within the college campus. The Skill perfection can only be reached in totality when we encounter the like-minded counterparts from a larger domain. Hence to achieve this, the members are trained with the dress-rehearsals to attend the fests, conferences and symposiums that happen in esteemed colleges like IITs, NITs etc throughout the country. This would expose them to gain a real-time experience.