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To create creative heads who excelled in making (create/direct/edit) media (short films, documentaries, posters etc) which can enlighten the world of what is happening or what has to happen.


To creatively improvise the movie making skills in interested students technically and also curricular by conducting events, activities and providing chances to apply their knowledge practically in real world.


  • Organizing Film festivals in our college festivals SAMYAK & SURABHI
  • Guest lectures by eminent film personalities.
  • Organizing workshop for familiarizing modern day film techniques.

Activities from January to April

1. February

  • Broadcasting- Feb 26th,27th& 28th
  • Cinescope-15- Feb 26th,27th& 28th

2. March

  • Short Films Show (Movies from club)-Last Week of March

3. April

  • Live Event/Activity – (Second week of April)*

Photography & Videography will be taken from all Events from KLUSO and college events through Chalana Chitra Club

Note: *- Dates will be changed According to the requirements

Maaya Club has once again delved into its job of endowing artistic vocation to KLUans by conducting a workshop on Screen Writing on 30th March?12 at F114 in our campus. It enlightened the promising students in this ample arena of knowledge.

This workshop attended by 29 participants was led by 3 organizers-

  • A.Harish (EEE 10101365),
  • M.Neeraj Kumar (EEE 10101456) and
  • Sai Pavan

Screen writing is a fundamental aspect of movie-making that necessitates out the scheduling, casting, scene selection, location-fixing and other aspects of script writing. This session was presided over by the coordinator Mr.Syed Khaja Vali who with his valuable ideas and suggestions enthused out 23 students out of 29 to be the part of Maaya Club.

Maaya Club is one of the valuable essences of KLUSO that brings out the creative spirit of itself. Acting, movie-making, role-plays, short films, skits are the activities carried out in this club to name a few. The coordinator known for his credible talent in this field of dramatics has very much helped Maaya club to alleviate itself into this arty job effortlessly.


E-mail: maya.kluso@kluniversity.in