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The universal octet "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa" that ushers inspiration to every single sound reticently is what swara stands for in KLUSO. It has the auteur to create and conquer every miraculous voice that is born to sing with life that rejuvenates every ear that listens and every heart that feels.

Mission :-

Swara - technically refering to notes in an octave,Swara is the foundation of music.Cleverly choosing it as our label,we the Swara club profoundly put our efforts to lay the flotation for all the music lovers to showcase thier talent.Being one of the many cultural clubs of KLUSO,Swara club has gained its own substance by being the platform for all the music enthusiastics to improve thier vocal and instrumental abilities in music.Being offered all the requisite equipment we have appreciably expanded our club to nearly 50 members of all genre.We profusely thank the university and other clubs for thier assistance without which reaching this stature is impossible and hope for the same in our future endeavours.

Plan of action :-  

Swara Club currently running with a strength of nearly 50 members , including vocalists and instrument players tries to support fresh talent every year by conducting auditions with panel of qualified musicians.Our mission is to fortify every person interested and associated with music in one form or other.Our ultimate errand is to spread the dexterity in music through every KLUian by ofering profound solace by utilizing the ammenities offered by the university and justify the Club's mission.

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E-mail Id: swara.kluso@kluniverity.in