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  • KLEF Registered in Thribuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.[CLICK HERE]
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  • Prof.Chandrasekhar.Putcha, Department of Civil Engg, Califonia State University will deliver courses to Civil Engg Students in July & August 2014
  • Dr. Ion Voicu Sucala, Technical University, Cluj Napoca, Romania, will visit and taught courses in Human Resources Management to KLEF Business School Students in
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Scholarships are available upto 30% on University Fee

Dr Sucala, KLEF MoU- Romania

Twinning Programs involve partly study at KL University and remaining part at the Partner University.  Through mutual transfer of credits, the results will be finalized and the candidates receive degrees from both the Universities.  This Scheme provides the advantage of recognition of their degrees in both the countries either for placements or higher studies.  KL University has acquired many such partnerships with foreign universities specially, in countries like Australia, UK, Ireland and USA. 
At present, many programs are available such as (2+2) and (3+1) for undergraduate degrees and (3+1+1) for postgraduate degrees. Specially, with Auburn University at Auburn, USA, the students, who opt for this (2+2) program, can join later for their postgraduate programs free of Tuition Fee. Similar benefits are explored with other Partner Universities.

Under this program, the KL University students will get an opportunity to spend 4 to 6 months abroad during their final year study towards their project work or thesis.  This will provide an opportunity for these students to develop contacts with those universities later for their higher studies.  Further, the quality of these project works carried out there are of superior academic content of high practical value.

Under this program, the KLEF 3rd Year students will get an opportunity to spend 20 to 30 days in University West, Sweden. The student will participate in practical exercises using a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure that you get the requisite hands-on experience.

Students of KL University have an option to visit partner universities abroad as a part of study tour and can attend the classes offered by foreign Professors for a period of 7-10 days.  In addition to academic exposure, they are exposed to International cultural issues by associating with the locals there.