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  • Prof.Chandrasekhar.Putcha, Department of Civil Engg, Califonia State University will deliver courses to Civil Engg Students in July & August 2014
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Scholarships are available upto 30% on University Fee

Dr Sucala, KLEF MoU- Romania


University life is just one part of experience as a university student. About 40 percent of KLEF students live in university hostels for the entire period of their study. Living on campus gives students a place to prepare for classes or enjoy with friends. The University offers excellent student living accommodation within the campus for international students. Student residences provide a comfortable and safe environment to the residents to succeed academically, grow personally, and to meet their interests and needs. Though KLEF strongly recommends to all international students to stay in University hostel but in case a student wants to stay in a private accommodation, the University provides all the support to find a suitable one.

  • KL University has separate hostels for boys and girls with well furnished rooms and modern amenities. The overall atmosphere is very conducive for the students to concentrate on studies.

  • A state- of – the- art kitchen and spacious dining area has been provided for both the hostels.

  • Generators have been provided as power back up.

  • Emphasis has been laid on hygiene and cleanliness for healthy living. A customized menu caters to the student needs and it keeps changing according to their tastes.

  • Teaching staff will have to address academic and personal problems of the students.

  • Round-the-clock security, communication, dispensary facilities are also available.

  • Wi-Fi enabled hostels.

  • The Girls Hostel

    The girls hostel is within the campus and houses 1024 with a capacity of 1192 with 500 rooms. Different rooms accommodating 2 per room, 3 per room with attached toilets as well as A.C. rooms are also available. Suite rooms with modern furniture and separate study room are also available.

    The Boys Hostel

    It is a short walk from the university accommodating 1957 students with a capacity of 2040 with 780 rooms. Different rooms accommodating 2 per room, 3 per room with attached toilets as well as A.C. rooms are also available.

    Facilities in the Hostels

    1. Good quality of Cot, Mattress and Pillow
    2. One Refrigerator and One Microwave Oven for three rooms or One Flat
    3. Almarahs, Study Tables and Chairs
    4. Wifi with good signal strength
    5. R.O purified water
    6. Indoor games like Chess, Table Tennis boards facilities
    7. Television in Mess with fixed timings

    Hostel Fee Structure & Application for International Students


  • Hostel applications can download from provided link. Take a print out of this application form. [Click Here]             

  • Rooms are subject to availability on First come First serve basis.

  • International Students Hostel Fee includes Building Fund, Caution Deposit (non-refundable), Electricity Charges, Lodging and Boarding.

  • Students has to pay Hostel Fee in USD($)

    S.No Type of Accommodation Air Conditioned Non Air Conditioned
    In USD ($) In INR(Rs.) In USD ($) In INR(Rs.)
    1 Two/Three Bed Sharing accommodation 3,200 1,92,000 2,250 1,35,000

    Note: Food(Boys & Girls): Facilities provided at Hostels:
    1) It is mandated that all foreign students have to stay in hostels for their entire study period. 1) Breakfast – Chapattis / Omelet, Bread & Jam, Flakes & Oats with Milk & Tea. 1)1. Good quality of Mattress and Pillow.
    2) Rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-serve-basis. 2) Lunch - Like Indian students & Bread & Jam. 2) One Refrigerator and One Microwave Oven for three rooms or One Flat..
    3) Booking confirmations by payment equivalent to one (1) semester, deposit must be received by the Finance and Accounts Division of the University, failing which the University will not be able to guarantee the accommodation requested. Thereafter, remaining must be paid on of 2nd semester starting time. 3) Snacks - Like Indian students along with Tea. 3) Almarahs, Study Tables and Chairs.
    4) Students no need to pay Building Fund, Caution Deposit and Electricity Charges. 4) Dinner – Flavored Rice/Fried Rice & Chapattis. Weekly 4 times chicken dishes. Every alternate day Eggs along with Tea 4) Wifi with good signal strength.
    5) SAARC country students are allowed to pay their fees in Indian Rupees (INR). 5) Groceries & Utensils for Girls shall be provided from Mess to prepare their food with prior permission of Director – International Relations. 5) R.O purified water.
    6) Other than SAARC Country Students shall pay in USD ($). 6) Indoor games like Chess, Table Tennis boards facilities.
    7) Any breakage or loss / damage caused to Hostel Property by the student, he/she shall bare the expenses of repair/replacement. 7)Television in Mess with fixed timings.
    8)AC Rooms for EdCIL sponsored Students.
    9)AC or Non AC Rooms (students wish) for Non EdCIL Students.
    10)A.C Timings:working days - 2:00 pm to 8:00 am
    Holidays – 12:00 Noon to 8:00 am
    11)Wifi timings: Sundays & Holidays – Full Remaining Days - 4.00 am to 8.00 am and 2:00 pm to midnight 12’o clock

    NOTE:Rooms allocation is subject to availability.University Authorities decision is final in this regards.

  • Hostel fees are subjected to changes every year.

  • The student will need to buy duvets and mattresses themselves. The same can be purchased from the Hostel premises as well.

  • All hostel students must strictly follow the hostel rules and regulations that are in force from time to time. Visit-Hostel Rules & Regulaions

  • Student has to submit Parent & Student Declaration Letter [Click Here] along with the Hostel Application to Hostel Authorities at the time of joining

  • Food Menu for International Students:

  • Breakfast - Chapathi/Pancakes/Omelet, Bread & Jam, Flakes/Oats with Milk & Tea

  • Lunch - Like Indian students

  • Evening Snacks - Like Indian students along with Tea.

  • Dinner - Flavored Rice/Fried Rice & Chapattis, Weekly 4 times chicken dishes and every alternate day eggs along with Tea

  • Note 1 – Any breakage or loss / damage to hostel property by the student will be made good by the defaulting student or students staying in the respective rooms / floors in the hostel.

    Note 2 – Rooms allocation is subject to availability. University Authorities decision is final in this regard.

    Accommodation for Parents:

  • Limited accommodation will be available on payment basis in Guest House & hostel blocks to the parents of the students who are visiting KLEF on the orientation day.

  • The accommodation will be provided on first come first serve basis and no facility to book the rooms in advance.