Office of International Relations
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  • All the Foriegn Student Should Update their contact details at International Relations Office room for the purpose of Police Intelligence Department
  • For Visa Related Info please Visit
  • For Departure Letters book appointment at FRO Guntur Visit
  • For visa Extension visit
  • KLEF Registered in Thribuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.[CLICK HERE]
  • KLEF Registered in Nepal Engineering Council, Kathmandu, Nepal.[CLICK HERE]
  • Prof.Chandrasekhar.Putcha, Department of Civil Engg, Califonia State University will deliver courses to Civil Engg Students in July & August 2014
  • Dr. Ion Voicu Sucala, Technical University, Cluj Napoca, Romania, will visit and taught courses in Human Resources Management to KLEF Business School Students in
  • Foreign Activities
  • Admissions

Scholarships are available upto 30% on University Fee

Dr Sucala, KLEF MoU- Romania

Anti Ragging Policy:

  • Ragging is a punishable offence. Honourable Supreme Court of India has held as follows, “If any incidents of ragging come to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him from the institution”.

In Campus:

  • At KLEF, international students are expected to abide by all the rules of the University and the code of conduct as applicable to Indian Students doing the same course.
  • Any act within the campus that may violate or spoil the academic atmosphere in the University will not be appreciated and the student found guilty of such offence will be dismissed and sent back to their country without any cost to KLEF.
  • The university conduct regulations include such areas as:
  • Plagiarism, cheating on exams, other dishonesty
  • Abuse of electronic resources
  • Acts or threats involving the safety of others
  • Damaging property
  • Sexual or other harassment
  • Abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs
  • Ragging

Out Side the Campus:

  • Any complaint or reporting of misbehavior, violence, anti-social, antinational, unethical and immoral activities involving International students will be dealt with in accordance with state and central laws that are in force.
  • KLEF will not take any responsibility for any criminal or non-criminal acts done outside the campus, when the Students are in the rolls of the University.

Dress Code:
To maintain the good image of the University, you are reminded that you must be properly attired in a manner befitting the status of university students when you are on campus.

Prohibited for Boys

Prohibited for Girls

T-Shirts with round collars

Sleeveless tops/Shirts/

Tight fitting dirty jeans

T-Shirts Revealing deep tops


Tight fitting dirty jeans

Shorts/folded pants

Skirts, shorts, folded pants

Torn trousers touching the floor

Torn trousers touching the floor

Pony tails


Ear Rings


Trousers with too many (multiple) pockets


List of the given below are Prohibited for both Boys and Girls:

  • Short shirts/tops and low waist trousers exposing body parts.
  • Clothing depicting illegal drugs, alcohol, profane language, racial/sexual vulgar suggestions.


  • In case of violation of the dress code the student concerned will be asked to leave the academic session.
  • Visiting students are also expected to observe the dress code.

Outside the campus:

  • It is ideal to wear casuals when outside the campus.
  • For both ladies and gents, western style clothing is acceptable in Vijayawada.
  •  In January, February and March the climate will be pleasant.
  •  One set of formals would be very useful during the party time, university functions and industrial visits.
  • Generally rainy season is from July to September. During these rainy days, use umbrella.