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  • All the Foriegn Student Should Update their contact details at International Relations Office room for the purpose of Police Intelligence Department
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  • KLEF Registered in Thribuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.[CLICK HERE]
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  • Prof.Chandrasekhar.Putcha, Department of Civil Engg, Califonia State University will deliver courses to Civil Engg Students in July & August 2014
  • Dr. Ion Voicu Sucala, Technical University, Cluj Napoca, Romania, will visit and taught courses in Human Resources Management to KLEF Business School Students in
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Scholarships are available upto 30% on University Fee

Dr Sucala, KLEF MoU- Romania

Office of International Relations:

Internationalization of Universities by admitting students from other countries is an integral part of improving the academic image and standards including understanding of cross-cultural relations. India is also not lagging in this context and many institutions and universities are already engaged in this process of internalization. However, India still cannot be considered in par with the advanced nations especially in terms of research output and Higher Education.

KLEF has realized this and has been paying attention in this direction for the last five years and has been able to establish nearly 25 Memorandums of Understandings with fairly well-known universities abroad. With these Memorandums, it is possible for students of KLEF to derive many benefits such as spending short duration internships abroad, participation in Twinning Programs with MoU Institutions to acquire Double Degrees as well as join for PhD programs at those Universities etc. Incidentally, it provides an opportunity for KLEF faculty also to utilize many benefits through establishing contacts with well-known faculty also to in those institutions as well as to improve their own academic stature through joint research publications and conduct of international workshops and conferences.

The Office of International Relations of KLEF is a University-wide resource that supports University's internationalization approach by emergent and coordinating activities and services designed to create and enhance a worldwide responsive and culturally various learning and research environment in the University.