Department of
electronics & communication Engineering

Research Bulletin

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  • Placements

    Placements details during the academic year 2014-2015
    S.No Name of the Company No of placements
    1 CTS 102
    2 CYIENT 4
    3 Genpact 3
    4 Good through solutions 1
    5 HCL talent Care 11
    6 Honeywell 4
    7 IBM 2
    8 iGATE 21
    9 INFOSYS 154
    10 Mindtree 1
    11 MPHASIS 2
    12 NTT DATA 1
    13 Osmosys 2
    14 PB Systems 2
    15 Phoenix Sea Service 18
    16 Tech Mahindra 7
    18 WIPRO 109
    19 West Line Ship Management 12
    Total 457