To produce students who are knowledgeable in Chemistry and can think critically by advancing the chemical sciences through the education of students by providing them with quality class room, research and service opportunities.

Department Short Term Goals

  • Train the students in theory and laboratory practices for a thorough understanding of the subject.
  • To modernize the research laboratories to take up innovative projects.
  • To incorporating latest techniques & methods in academicsto enhance the performances &results of students.
  • Department Long Term Goals

  • To provide the best available basic knowledge & day to day innovations to the student community
  • To build up the department potentially to embark upon research along with academics and motivating the faculty towards high end research projects.
  • To encourage the faculty to supervise projects for various branches of engineering students.
  • To facilitate the faculty to enhance their knowledge & skills, the required internet accessibility is provided.
  • To train the faculty and technical staff to utilize and develop effective teaching-learning modules and to adopt the modern trends in Education Technology concepts and media.
  • To update the department library to digital / E-Library with relevant collections of CD's for use by students and teachers.
  • To encourage teachers to actively take part in arranging National and International level workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • To modernize the laboratories in tune with the needs, supporting the students in their projects.
  • To initiate research activities at the Inter departmental levels.
  • To work towards establishing a polymer research centre at the institution.
  • Courses Taught

  • Engineering Chemistry (Theory and Practical) for all branches I/II Semester of Engineering Course.
  • Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Chemistry of Materials.
  • Latest Updates

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