Mini Projects

S.No Title of the Mini project Name of the Guide
1 How much NaHCO3 is in one effervescent tablet Dr.A.Venkateswara Rao
2 Does tooth paste protect your teeth? A Lakshmi lavanya, Dr.IV.Kasi Viswanath
3 What are the concentrations of phosphate ions in soft drinks? Dr.K.R.S Prasad
4 Magic behind the working of Antacid tablet Dr.A.Venkateswara Rao, Dr.S.Vijaya Lakshmi
5 What is the mass of CaCO3 in Egg Shells? Dr.A.Venkateswara Rao
6 Resolving the mystery of aspirin action S.Prasanthi
7 Vinegar and its significance in our kitchen Dr.B.Pradeep kumar
8 Water is Life Dr.J.V. Shanmukh kumar,S.Prasanthi
9 Importance of buffering to agriculture Dr.B.Pradeep Kumar
10 Do you know the parameters of cooking oil? Dr. Dr.I.V.Kasi Viswanath
11 Is Ascorbic acid good for you? Dr.S.Vijaya Lakshmi
12 Does your soap protect your beauty? Dr.S.Naresh varma
13 Facts and Fallacies of Milk Dr.D.Gopala Krishna
14 Have you checked Ca/Mg ratio in your soil samples? Dr. Dr.IV.Kasi Viswanath
15 Tap into Quality Dr.D.Gopala Krishna
16 Explore the content of copper in articles Dr.T.Bhaskara Rao
17 Identifying perfect site to build power plant. Dr.T.Bhaskara Rao
18 Metal corrosion as a natural clock Dr.S.Vijaya Lakshmi
19 Sailing on the “C”: A Vitamin Titration with a Twist Dr.K.R.S. Prasad
20 Little chlorine content in city’s drinking water Dr.D.Gopala Krishna
21 Chlorine bleach shelf life Dr.B.Pradeep Kumar
22 Getting to grips with soil organic matter Dr.K.R.S Prasad
23 Untangling the iodine value riddle Dr.S.Naresh varma
24 The chemistry of water: would you drink water Dr.D.Gopala Krishna
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