About Creative Arts & Media Studies

Starting in 2014, The Department of Creative Arts and Media Studies (CAMS) established at K L University with the innovative pedagogy and methods evolved in its discipline.

The department is aimed at grooming professionals for the thriving media and entertainment industry and Endeavors to provide students with an in-depth training. The watchword of the department is “The art of Creative Expression” and “The art of Dynamic Expression”

Objectives of CAMS

- To provide students with an in-depth training and enable them to transform into Media and Communication professionals.

- Build upon a solid foundation of Media & Communication studies to expand the quality & effectiveness of their own creative work.

- To cherish young generation to innovators, capable of contributing value to media industries


The Department is dedicated to develop the most potential creative and media professionals globally


To identify and enrich the newer opportunities in the creative fields by implementing the theoretical framework into practical’s on par with industrial challenges and turn them into experts.