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Students' Association (BETA) Introduction

Students' association of the department is named BETA (Bio Engineers Technical Association) - which was formally launched on 19-02-15.

Aims of BETA:

1. To study the problems relevant to the societal well being and strive for solutions using scientific, technical and human resources available.

2. To conduct various events for the benefit of all the stake holders of K L University, like guest lectures, seminars, conferences, awareness programmes, campaigns, drives etc.

3. To synergistically collaborate with congenial associations of various departments, institutions and organizations, for efficacy in achievement of common goals.

4. To maintain a database of events organized and collaborating entities.

Current Office Bearers of BETA:

1. Ms. N. Likhita (12001072) – President

2. Mr. O. Sai Suraj (12001043) – Vice President

3. Mr. K. Rohit (12001056) – Secretary

4. Mr. T. Viswa Sai Kumar (12001031) – Treasurer, External Fund Management

5. Ms. M. Jyothi Mounika (12001006) – Treasurer, Internal Fund Management

6. Ms. G. Yamuna (12001001) – Public Relations Officer

7. Mr. M. Adithya (12001064) – Design Officer

8. Mr. S. H. N. Sai Kiran (13001029) – Pro President

9. Ms. K. Deepika (13001023) – Pro Vice President

10. Mr. T. J. Sai Kiran (13001043) – Pro Secretary

11. Ms. N. Sushmitha (13001025) – Pro Treasurer and

12. Mr. D. N. V. S. S. Ch. Ch. Deepak (13001060) – Pro Public Relations Officer

Roles of Office Bearers:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and Design Officer will hold the office for a term of one year. Pro President, Pro Vice President, Pro Secretary, Pro Treasurer, Pro Public Relations Officer and Pro Design Officer will act as protégés to the respective office bearers. They assist the office bearers and get groomed until they take charge the next year.

President: President is responsible for overseeing smooth and ethical running of BETA affairs. In all situations, decision of the President is final.

Vice President: Vice President is usually responsible for assisting the President in BETA activities. In the absence of the President, Vice President assumes the role of the President.

Secretary: Secretary is responsible for conduction and documentation of BETA affairs.

Treasurer: Treasurer is responsible for financial affairs of BETA.

Public Relations Officer: PRO is responsible for promoting BETA activities, handling internal communications and facilitating collaborations.

Design Officer: DO is responsible for designing BETA activities.

Membership: BETA membership is mandatory to all the students of the department. There is a membership fee of ₹100 per student per semester.