SEATING PLAN FOR TEST-1 DURING 01/08/2016 TO 03/08/2016

Webinar on flowcytometry on 1-4-14

Sucessfull conduction of "Go Green"

DNA Forensic Seminar Highlights

MoU with Varsha Biosciences, India Pvt.Ltd

MoU with DNA Initiation Meeting

MoU IBSC meeting

Departmental Committees For Effective Monitoring Of Activities In The Department

S.No Name of the Committee Professor In charge
1 Department Curriculum Development
2 Laboratory Development Committee Dr.R.S.Reddy
3 Industry Related Activities and
Placements Committee
Mr. Maheswara Reddy
4 Library Committee Mr. M.Maheswara Reddy
5 Time-Table Committee Mr.G.Siva Reddy
6 ERP & Website Updation
Mr.G.Siva Reddy
& Mrs.T.Leela
7 Alumni Cell Coordination Committee Dr.V Praveen Kumar
8 Examination Committee Dr.V Praveen Kumar
9 Research & Development Committee Dr. B.J.K.Singh & Dr.B.Mahendran
10 Hostel Committee (BOYS) Dr.MSR Krishna
11 Hostel Committee (GIRLS) Mrs.T.Leela
12 Transport Committee Mr.M.Karunya Kanth
13 Canteen Committee Dr.V.Bhadra Murthy
14 Sports Committee Dr.M.Sudhamani
15 Extra & Co-Curricular Activities Committee Dr.V.Bhadra Murthy
16 Student Counseling Committee Dr. K Srinivasulu
17 Student Grievance Redressal Committee(BOYS)
Student Grievance Redressal Committee(GIRLS)
Dr. V Praveen Kumar
18 Practice SchoolCommittee Dr.R.S.Reddy
19 Women Faculty Grievance Redressal Committee Mrs. T Leela
20 Faculty Grievance Redressal Committee Dr.B.J.K.Singh
21 Professional Society Activities Committee Mr. M Karunya Kanth
22 Physical Facilities & Furniture Committee Dr.MSR Krishna
23 IQAC & Other Audits Dr.MSR Krishna & Dr.V.Bhadra Murthy
24 Student Discipline Committee Mr.M.Karunya Kanth
25 Webinar Committee Dr.V.Bhadra Murthy
26 Guest lectures  Dr.B.J.K.Singh & Dr.V.Praveen Kumar
27 National & International Conferences , Seminars Dr.R.S.Reddy & Dr.B.Mahendran
28 Departmental News letter Mr.M.Karunya Kanth