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KL University Depaetment of Hotel Management has the following infrastructure to support the activities conducted on its premises:

KL University Depaetment of Hotel Management have 4 Star Level 40 Room Training Hotel Property on its campus.

The property is known as KLU- HMCTC :

Hotel Management Corporate Training Centre.
Following are its features :

  • 40 Guest Rooms for hands on Training of students
  • A Speciality Fine Dining Training Restaurant
  • Conference Halls

  • The Basic Training Kitchen (BTK)

    Tthe First Year students of the BHMCT/BHM get their introduction to Food Production. They are instructed in the fundamentals of kitchen work with a reward of tasting their own creations.

    The Quantity Training Kitchen (QTK)

    Students of the Second Year BHMCT/BHM acquire the knowledge and skills required to cater to the demand of regional cuisines of India.

    The Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK)

    The trained students of the Third Year BHMCT/BHM of the, recently returned from a hectic period of hands- on industrial training in various departments of the hotel industry, get to unleash their combined skills and knowledge and whip up national and international delicacies..

    Bakery & Confectionery

    The Bakery & Confectionery is equipped to train students of the BHMCT/BHM in all aspects of Bakery-operations- a very popular choice of Food Production for many students, here and abroad.

    Training restaurant and Bar

    Restaurant is for the food and beverage service training /practice of the students of the BHMCT/BHM and for food service for the faculty and other staff. Here they are trained to understand and perform the fundamentals of service of food and beverages, to pay attention to the needs of guests and learn to deal with various situations through face-to-face encounters during service practice. Both restaurants & mock Bar for training students in the art of conjuring up delicious mocktails, and other concocted beverages.

    Housekeeping Learning Centre

    Housekeeping, or Accommodation Operations as it is called today, is the unacknowledged backbone of any organisation, especially so in the hospitality industry. In this centre, the students of the BHMCT/BHM are introduced to and instructed in the art of providing a clean, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere for the guests. They are instructed in the skills of preparing rooms, keeping public areas in an aesthetic condition, providing clean, stain-free linen, arranging flowers and learning the management aspects that go into providing smooth, efficient and effective services to the recipients of these services.

    Front Office Learning Centre

    The Front Office is the first and last point of contact between the guest and the hotel and so bears the responsibility of forming lasting impressions on them. Here the students learn the hard work and thought that goes into making this very attractive and glamorous job. They are instructed in the art of handling a variety of situations through role play , mock reservation, registration and check-out procedures. In BHMCT/BHM they are also given an opportunity to use demo software, as are used in the hotels, equipping them for their training and impending placements. The objective is to enable the students to work in the front office of any hospitality organisation with the modern systems or software for accounting, arrival, departure, etc.

    Computer Room

    The hotel industry is as much a part of the IT revolution as are other industries. Most of the back office work was already being done with the assistance of computers. Now, with more points of sale being used by hotels, work has become more complex and management finds operations are managed more efficiently through computer networking. Nowadays user-friendly softwares, like Fidelio, are in use which carry out the day-to-day record keeping and transactions of the hotel and are needed for providing better in-room guest services as well. To meet this requirement of computer-proficient professionals for the hotel industry we impart training in computers as a part of the prescribed curriculum. The KL University Depaetment of Hotel Management is well equipped in computer laboratories.We also provide the Internet facilities for research and project work. The entire KLU is a Wi fi campus.

    Central Library and Departmental Library.

    The library is a source of knowledge and wisdom. At one time a library was regarded as a store house and books were meant for preservation but now the concept has changed. A modern library is regarded as a service Centre and its main aim is to enable the user to make the most effective and efficient use of its resources and services.Our University has a well stocked cenral library containing over 50000 books. The central library stocks a sufficient volume of text books and excellent reference books of various disciplines which are frequently used by the students as well as the faculty. The library also subscribes magazines, periodicals & journals related to the various industry including hotels and some others of general interest. Besides books & magazines, we also have educational video cassettes, CD's/DVDs and floppy disks ,e- journals which are very informative and are frequently used as a teaching aid. An up-to date library is a top priority of the KLUniversity .

    Audio-visual facility

    The KL University Depaetment of Hotel Management has the following audio- visual aids for classroom, conference & presentation purposes:

    LCD projector for multimedia presentations

    Overhead Projector with screen

    Slide projector

    Flipchart Board


    KL University provides hostel facilities for both boys & girls with a 2000 bed capacity for boys and for girls. The hostel rooms have accommodation on sharing-basis 2 to 3 students per room. Each student will be provided with a bed a chair & table and secure storage space. Mess facilities will be provided on campus.

    Hostel lounge

    Both the hostels have a common lounge with indoor games and out door games facilities .


    It is situated inside the premises offers refreshments to students and visitors. It offers various popular snacks and beverages .


    The auditorium is one of the finest you have seen. With a seating capacity of 600, this is one of the biggest spaces available in town. A lovely stage is the centre of interest after you get over the sheer space in front.

    Guestroom Block[Four star facilities]

    An attractive building with forty guestrooms-.. They are used for training students in accommodation services – here they practice the cleaning of hotel guest rooms and interior decoration projects.


    KL University has primary Health Centre within campus and is very useful for all medical emergencies.

    Sports & Gymnasiam Entertainment Facilities

    For the sporty type of Student National Standard Sports & Gymnasiam Entertainment Facilities For the cricket lover, cricket competitions are arranged. We also have various indoor games such as carrom, and chess. For the true nature lover there are a number of beautiful walks around the KL University. • Miscellaneous add-ons


    A branch of SBH Bank is located within Campus..

    Complete Wi fi campus

    Students can use Wi-Fi in laptops/Mobiles/ & All media in and around the campus.

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    Students Participated in cafterias in our college

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    A Beautifull Restarants & Banquets in our KLU Campus.

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    Hostel Canteen More spacious and nice food for students in hostel.