Madhubani – Painting Competition

Madhubani painting is a style of traditional Hindu painting. It is a typical Rajasthan style. The origin of Madhubani painting is traced during the time of Ramayana. The original inspiration for Madhubani art emerged from women’s carving. The painting competition was conducted on the occasion of Diwali. The Department of Architecture in co-ordination with Department of Educational and Technology organized and conducted the event for all faculties, non teaching staffs and students. More than 150 candidates registered and participated in the event. All the candidates preformed very well irrespective of their streams. Renowned architect Ar. Saleem. A. Qureshi was the Chief Guest and the freelance painter Mr. Mohammed Shamshad Hussain was the Guest of Honor along with the Convener Ar. A. Priya and Co convener Mr. Shakti Swaroop short listed and selected the winners for the competition.

Winners (Students)


Consolation Prize (Students)


Faculty Prize


First Prize : P First Prize : M Sowmya, ECE, 150040516, 1st Yr


First Prize : P Charan Sai, ECE, 150040660, 1st Year


First Prize: M Anila, Asst Prof, CSE


Sec Prize : S Rashmi, CAMS, 14025017, 2nd Yr


Second Prize : G Sushmitha, BBA. 15050178, 1st Yr


Consolation: Saji Krishna Pillai, Asst Prof, English


Third Prize : J Manisha, CE, 150020053, 1st Yr


Third Prize : VB Tejasvi, CSE, 150031011, 1st Yr