Department of Atmospheric Science

Sponsored Research Projects

Name of the InvestigatorsTitle of the project and durationProject Funding in LakhsDurationFunding Agency
Dr.D.Venkata RatnamDST-FIST472014-2019DST
Dr. K.Sarat Kumar
Dr.D.Venkata Ratnam
B.T.P Madhav
Ku band propagation impairment studies over Indian region to develop rain attenuation contours and suitable models36.02014-2017DST
Dr K.S Ramesh
Dr.D.Venkata Ratnam
Study of Subtropical Ionospheric Electron Content, Irregularities and Seismo-Ionospheric Perturbations Using GPS Receivers43.2192 2013-2016DST
R.RevatiStudy of Dynamical Coupling between Ionospheric and Earth’s Atmosphere subjected to Meteorological and Seismic Disturbances over a Costal area.22.602012-2015DST
Dr. D.Venkata RatnamDevelopment of Ionospheric Forecasting Models for satellite based Navigation systems over low latitude stations21.332012-2015DST

** DST –Department of Science & Technology (Govt of india)