Department of Atmospheric Science

About the Centre for Atmospheric Science

The “Centre for Atmospheric Science” has been established in 2014, as an adjunct to the Department of Atmospheric Science, to foster research excellence in specialized areas of weather and climate, and space technologies.

Research and training being a continuous activity, several seminars/workshops have been organized in the past and few more are scheduled and planned. The expertise of the faculty and the main research areas of this department are categorized as two fields, one on upper atmospheric science and space technology that include GPS technology for communication and navigation systems, signal processing. The second is lower atmospheric science, which includes weather and climate studies, atmospheric pollution, weathermatics, and weather and climate related risk assessment.

The centre focuses on inter-disciplinary society-impact researches. At present the use of GPS RO data and other atmospheric data from different satellite sources as products for assimilation to generate improved weather analysis that would lead to improved weather predictions from models. Generation of weather data at high resolution of 1 – 3 km for the region of Andhra Pradesh has been taken up as a pilot study. This high resolution data is important for applications in agriculture and air quality assessment which has significant societal impacts. Prediction of tropical cyclones is another area which is being pursued due to its national importance as a natural disaster.

Four core faculty and a number of adjunct researchers are actively associated with researches of this centre. The centre also provides opportunities to fresh enthusiastic students of B. Tech. and M.Tech. programs to be participate in the ongoing research programs which enriches and better empowers them academically. The contributions from the students have become an essential part of centre’s research activity.