Department of Atmospheric Science

Welcome to the Department of Atmospheric Science

This department has been started in 2013 to provide education and training in the specialized fields of atmospheric science and space technology and to foster research excellence through its “Centre for Atmospheric Science”.

The department has eminent and reputed faculty, with profound academic experience in diverse fields of atmospheric science and space technology. At present the department is offering a 2-year M.Tech. program in “Atmospheric Science & Space Technology” and a doctoral program leading to Ph.D. degree, with the main objective of providing education with a blend of (atmospheric) science and (space) technology. The academic programs of this department are well recognized, as evidenced by the award of FIST and four research projects from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

At present, four Professors and one Associate Professor constitute the faculty, and the profiles of the faculty are separately visible on this web-site. The department houses permanent equipment, which has been acquired at a cost of Rs. 2 crores, and the same is being accessible to B.Tech., M.Tech., and Ph.D. students to meet their academic requirements.

Research and training being a continuous activity of this department, several seminars/workshops have been organized in the past and few more are scheduled and planned. The expertise of the faculty and the main research areas of this department are categorized as two fields, one on upper atmospheric science and space technology that include GPS technology for communication and navigation systems, signal processing. The second is lower atmospheric science, which includes weather and climate studies, atmospheric pollution, weathermatics, and weather and climate related risk assessment. The department envisages excellent opportunities for M.Tech. students to be a part of the innovative development of blended science and technology to meet societal needs of the current and near future. This department aspires to excel in teaching, research and industry/consultancy at national level and to produce highly competent scientists/ engineers/ technologists in the field of Atmospheric Science and space technology through focusing on specializations in Communication Sector, lower and upper atmosphere and satellite navigation systems, weather and climate data mining and applications